Spiritually linked in

Spiritually linked in

Stewart Weinisch from our New York team has a great “circle of life” story:

“God has a way of connecting our stories like links in a beautiful chain. About four years ago Sara, a Jewish woman who had been a professing atheist, found herself with a number of spiritual questions. She called our office, and I began having weekly phone visits with her. Over a period of six months we talked and looked at the Scriptures. Sara found her answers and professed faith in Yeshua (Jesus). It was truly a life-changing reality for her.

“We continued to meet by phone, and I was encouraged as Sara became a real evangelist. When she got baptized, she invited the whole town council to witness her baptism. (She is an elected official.) About 25–30 people attended. This past year she was really excited about celebrating Passover—her first since childhood! She didn’t want to celebrate just Passover—she wanted it to reflect Yeshua, the Lamb of God.

“While shopping for Passover supplies, Sara ‘happened’ to meet Laura and asked if she knew any good Passover recipes. One thing led to another and Sara invited Laura to come to her house for Passover. Laura accepted the invitation, and so did some of Sara’s neighbors and her pastor. It was Sara’s first Passover as a believer, and she told about the redemption she had experienced through Jesus.

“Laura had questions, and for the next few months she and Sara met regularly. Sara was able to answer some—but not all—of Laura’s questions, so she asked Laura if she would be willing to talk with me on the phone. Laura said yes, and, after two phone conversations, Laura also professed faith in Yeshua. I asked her to call Sara and tell her the news. Before long I received a text from Sara, who said that she was crying tears of joy for Laura.

“You never know who you will connect with through people you are already connected to!” [Especially with God as the Master Connection-Maker!—Ed.]


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