She found an excuse to ask about Jesus

She found an excuse to ask about Jesus

From London, branch leader Julia Pascoe reports, “I was rearranging our shop window display and wanted something eye-catching. Even though Passover was last month, I decided to show off an ornate Seder plate.  It wasn’t long before someone came in to take a closer look.

“Jean,* a Jewish lady in her 70s, remarked on how beautiful the plate was and asked about the price before announcing, ‘I like what you sell but I don’t like what you do!’ With a smile I asked Jean what she thinks we do, and why the dislike.  She replied, ‘I’m Jewish and you won’t convert me to believe in Jesus.’ We began to talk . . .

“As I shared the gospel, Jean said she believed Jesus was a good man but she’d never ‘change.’  I offered her a free Brit Hadashah (Hebrew for New Testament) and, to my surprise, she replied, ‘I’ve got one somewhere at home,’ although she couldn’t recall how she had acquired it.

“Though Jean came in to ask about a Seder plate, all she really wanted to do was talk about Jesus.  She didn’t leave with the Seder plate, but instead took home some free literature about Jews who have come to faith in Yeshua­­ – along with my personal contact details.

“It probably took a lot of courage for Jean to come through our doors.  Please pray that she will contact me again, and that the Lord will bring her to a place of understanding and receiving what Yeshua (Jesus) did for her.”


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