Richard Wants to Thank You for Praying for Him!

by Jews for Jesus | February 12 2023

In 2021 we asked you to pray for Richard, a retired Jewish law professor who was looking for a deeper connection to God. He’d come to our website and Emmanuel Mebasser followed up with him by telephone and email. Here is an update from Emmanuel:

“Richard was willing to meet with me a few times over the past year, but at one point he wrote, ‘After much study, soul searching, and prayer, I still have reservations about whether Jesus has fulfilled all of the prophecies in the Hebrew Bible. And I simply have not felt the connection that I think is necessary for me to accept Jesus as the Jewish Messiah.’ Though disappointedI continued praying for him, and I know some of you were also praying.

“Fast-forward to December 2022: Richard emailed me that he now believes Jesus is the Messiah! I set up a video call and rejoiced as Richard explained that as he continued reading the New Testament, he saw enough evidence to realize that Jesus is our Messiah.

“Richard was excited about his new faith and grateful for my witness to him, but when he said, ‘The credit goes to you,’ I explained that only God’s grace allows us to believe and receive Jesus—and I told him that I have been asking our friends to pray for him to receive that grace. Richard said to give YOU a special ‘thanks’ for your part in his new faith! He wants to continue to meet and to attend our online Scripture study. Please keep praying for Richard and for his wife, who is not yet a believer.”

Names are changed to protect privacy.