Redemption and Rehabilitation in Israel

Redemption and Rehabilitation in Israel

Igal Vendor* met Dima during an outreach to the homeless and drug-addicted people of Tel Aviv. Dima is 39 years old and has been addicted to drugs for nearly 15 years. He spent five years in jail and has been homeless for the last three.

Igal says, “Dima and I have been meeting regularly, reading and discussing Scripture.

“I also told him about the rehab center where I volunteer, and shared my own testimony about how Jesus set me free and gave me new life. Each time we met, Dima told me that he felt something different—a peace, a calmness that he couldn’t really explain. I told him that I had been praying for him and that it was the Word of God at work in his life. Despite all this, he refused even to consider going to rehab. I continued to meet with Dima and pray for him.

“I praise God for His faithfulness in answering prayer because two months ago Dima finally agreed to come to the rehab center and, in his own words, to ‘give Jesus a chance to change my life.’ Dima was in rehab for a month when, as he put it, he ‘decided to make the best choice of my life.’ He prayed to ask Jesus into his life.

“It is one of life’s greatest privileges to be able to see Jesus at work in people’s lives, to witness the power of prayer and to watch as the Holy Spirit changes human hearts and gives new hope to broken lives.

“Let’s pray together for Dima. Pray that the Lord would strengthen and establish him in his new faith in Jesus. Pray for Dima to have strength and wisdom as he is rehabilitated from a life of addiction. Pray also that he would be able to restore relationships with his (adult) children.”

* Igal is a missionary with Christian Witness to Israel, working in partnership with our Jews for Jesus team in Israel.


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