A Rosh Hashanah Redemption Story

A Rosh Hashanah Redemption Story

From Odessa, Igor Barbanel reports, “I first met Anatoly on what we call a contact sortie – our team goes out to a public place and we focus on having conversations that can be continued. Anatoly was interested in knowing more about Yeshua and left me his mobile phone number. And it was just about a year ago that he came for the first time to one of our events: our Rosh Hashanah service. I was surprised and so filled with joy when he prayed to receive Yeshua at the end of the service.

“I invited Anatoly to our Bible study for new Jewish believers in Jesus. He loves the pleasant and friendly atmosphere where everyone can ask questions and share their thoughts, and then we eat together. But it was hard for him to read the Bible on his own, because of his poor eyesight. One of our Odessa missionaries, Olga Vasserman, offered to give Anatoly an InTouch Messenger. The InTouch Messenger is a solar-powered audio player which includes the New Testament, the Book of Psalms, and Proverbs. I passed on the audio player to Anatoly. He was so thankful and now he listens to the audio Bible.

“I think our ministry to Anatoly illustrates how beautifully the three pillars of Jews for Jesus work together: Go & Tell (that was our contact sortie), Come & See (our Rosh Hashanah service), and Love & Serve (the gift of the audio player). Thank you for helping us do all three!”


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