September 2015 Newsletter (5776:01)

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This Month’s Top Stories from Realtime!

A People of Destiny
August 21, 2015

Are you a person of destiny? Here are some thoughts on what that means.

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Partners in the gospel
Author: Julia Pascoe

This salvation story shows what happens when friends like you partner with us to tell their Jewish friends about Jesus.

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Judaism teaches… or does it?
Author: Moishe Rosen

If you want to share the gospel with Jewish friends, this article will help you understand some of the objections you are likely to face.

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So what?

Almost any conversation stopper can actually turn into a conversation starter. This article will help you share your faith.

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Hello Israel
Topics: hello israel

How is Rosh Hashanah celebrated differently in Israel? If you are planning to be there for the holiday, don’t miss this!

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Come see our London shop!
August 20, 2015

Our London branch has opened a shop in the heart of Jewish London and we’d like to tell you about the responses we’re getting.

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