Rosh Hashanah is just around the corner! I’ve been praying that God would bring many Jewish seekers to our holiday services, and that they might come to faith in the Messiah and Redeemer of Israel. I also pray that the seed sown in previous years will bear fruit in the hearts of people like Jennifer.

Jennifer attended our Washington, DC Rosh Hashanah service after looking us up on the Internet. She wanted to learn more about how to bring her "Christian" beliefs and her Jewish background together. After the service she sent me a very nice email with a great many questions. One in particular was how she could get closer to Jesus. I responded that I would be happy to get together. I was expecting a new Jewish believer in need of discipleship.

I soon realized that I was wrong. Jennifer wanted to learn how to become more "in tune" spiritually with Jesus, but her beliefs came from the teachings of Edgar Cayce, and mixed biblical teaching with ideas that are contrary to Scripture.

I prepared for my first meeting with Jennifer by reading about Cayce. I knew I needed to learn more about what he taught in order to help Jennifer see that his teachings and that of Jesus are not compatible. I told Jennifer that "While I don’t doubt that Cayce regularly read and even taught the Bible, it does not mean that his ‘psychic readings’ and ‘prophecies’ are biblical. In fact, much of what he taught goes against Scripture."

She asked, "How could that be?"

"Okay," I said, "let’s take for example, Cayce’s belief that ‘all is one, or the oneness of all force.’ He would say that ‘everything is part of God.’ The Bible doesn’t teach that. It teaches that God is the Creator, and He stands apart from His creation." Jennifer was open to listening, but I’m not sure she was willing to give up beliefs that she had been clinging to for years.  

The next time I saw her, we dealt with another belief that was the foundation of her "faith" in Cayce’s teachings. That is her belief in reincarnation. She insisted that Cayce taught it was in no way against the Word of God. "Yet," I pointed out, "the book of Hebrews tells us, ‘it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment’ (Hebrews 9:27). This verse leaves no room for the doctrine of reincarnation. In fact, he goes clearly against Scripture."

Continuing, I said, "But look at it this way. The purpose for reincarnation is for us to work out the kinks of our previous lives, and therefore, we should come back as better people. If this is true, then the world throughout the ages would be getting better, as people progressed. But the world has not gotten better, it becomes more and more evil, doesn’t it?" She agreed, but still this was going be tough for her to give up.

I shared many Scriptures with Jennifer that day, and since then we have met occasionally through video conferences on our computers. Jennifer continues to be attracted to Jesus but also to non-biblical doctrines. However, there have been many other Jewish people who were once attracted to Cayce’s teachings but eventually transitioned from them to a biblical and genuine faith in Jesus.

Please pray that Jennifer will continue to meet with me. But more importantly, please pray and that she comes to understand and accept the truth of the gospel.

Maybe Jennifer will come to this year’s Rosh Hashanah services and gain a sense of the holiness and authority of God’s Word over popular teachings. Please pray for God to work through all our High Holiday services around the world!

Lynn is part of our Washington, DC branch. Find out more about her here.