September 2007 Newsletter (5768:1)

A Dangerous Trend
September 1, 2007

A terminology transformation is taking place—a transformation that alienates people from words like “religion” and “belief,” waters down the meaning of “faith” and leads people to settle for an amorphous “spirituality” rather than an encounter with the living God. The...

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Happy New Year!

Yes, we know, there are several months left in 2007. According to the Hebrew calendar, however, it is soon to be the year 5768. The Hebrew calendar differs from the one most people use, first because it calculates how many years have passed since Creation, according...

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Meet the Liberated Wailing Wall

Liberated Wailing Wall | Albums | Downloadable Music Any casual onlooker can see that at six feet, five inches tall, Liberated Wailing Wall team leader Josh Brodt towers over his teammates. Those who have been around since the 1980s or earlier, however, will inform...

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Authentic Jewish Bubba’s* Honey Cake

*Bubba, also bubbe or bobbe, is an affectionate term for a Jewish...

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Moishe’s Musings
Author: Moishe Rosen

In heaven there will be little, if any, preaching. We won’t need admonitions or reproof because we’ll all know the Lord and how to please Him. On the other hand, if I understand the book of Revelation correctly, there will be a lot of singing and praise. I think...

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Bits from the Branches

South Florida Chad Elliot reports, “I had the great privilege of leading a Jewish-Gentile couple to the Lord! ‘Rita’ was raised Catholic; her husband, ‘Larry,’ is from a Reform Jewish background. Rita contacted us via e-mail wondering...

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