Mark Landrum reports, It had begun to rain toward the end of a session of passing out broadsides (tracts) in Martin Place in Sydney’s downtown area. It was rush hour and starting to get dark. I moved under an overhang to continue. Soon I was down to my very last broadside and I gave it to a young woman who came by and said she was Jewish. I was very pleased that Sara not only took the broadside, but gave me her contact information when I offered to send her something else to read from Jews for Jesus. What timing! If it hadn’t begun raining, I would not have moved, or met Sara. It is great to be part of so many ‘God-incidences.’ Please pray for Sara to be interested enough to meet with my wife, Rahel, to learn more about Jesus.”

Fort Lauderdale

Igor Ashkinazi reports, “I phoned Carol, a Jewish woman in South Florida who had e-mailed Jews for Jesus saying that she wanted to be contacted. The day before our appointment I was at an office staff meeting when the bell rang. I went to the door and there was Carol! She was so eager that she had come a day early. We spoke briefly and I told Carol we could talk more the following day, which we did. She had many questions answered, plus the Holy Spirit produced an insatiable desire in her for more Bible Study visits.

“The next time we met, Carol brought her handsome Italian husband Tony. Tony had some knowledge of the Scriptures from his Catholic upbringing but he, too, had many questions. I continued to meet with Carol and Tony and it wasn’t long before both of them came to faith in Messiah Yeshua. Carol and Tony were soon baptized at their church. We continue to meet for Bible studies. Please pray the Lord will protect them and help them continue to grow.”

Los Angeles

Cyril Gordon reports, “I met Tatiana while handing out broadside tracts at Venice Beach. I began to minister to her with my wife Rhonda. Tatiana had survived the Holocaust, thanks to some Christians who hid her. When I met Tatiana, she had a New Age misunderstanding of Jesus and a distorted view of sin thanks to various gurus and the Course in Miracles book. She lives in Massachusetts but was in L.A. for a short time for her son’s marriage. Our prayers were answered as she asked what she must do to get right with God. After she asked the Lord Jesus to forgive her, she wept with sheer relief for several hours. The tremendous guilt she had felt for being the only family member to survive the Holocaust had been lifted. The next day she came with us to the local Messianic congregation, Adat Yeshua, and was embraced there. The Jews for Jesus staff in Boston is ready to disciple her. Please pray that she will connect with them and grow in her faith.


Micha Cohen reports, “A Jewish man named Avrom came to one of my church meetings (invited by his daughter and son-in-law). Afterwards we spoke. When I got home I tried to call him, but the number was wrong. He had given his e-mail/instant message (IM) address name on the card, so I tried e-mailing him a couple of times, with no response. Then I tried instant messaging him, again with no response. For weeks, now and then I would try to IM Avrom, to no avail. Finally he responded, and gave his phone number. It turns out I had copied down one digit of his phone number wrong.

“One night as I was making evangelistic phone calls I tried his number. No one answered. I was planning to call people until 9:00 P.M. At 8:58 I had called through my list of people for the night. I thought, ‘Why not, I will try calling Avrom again.’ This time he answered, and we had a great conversation. I read him Isaiah 53 and gave him a simple gospel presentation afterwards, and when I asked if he would like to receive Jesus’ atonement on his behalf, he said yes! For some reason God did not allow me to talk to him for a couple of months, but as usual, God’s timing is amazing. Please pray for Avrom to grow in faith and become part of a congregation. (He lives in Oregon.)”