San Francisco

Shaun Buchhalter reports, Through the witness of a Christian friend and through watching ‘The Passion of the Christ,’ Jack began to seriously wonder if there might be something to this Jesus. He began attending his friend’s church, where they encouraged him to contact us at Jews for Jesus in San Francisco. Jack and I have been meeting on a regular basis, studying through the Gospel of John. I am so encouraged that his friends at church are doing a great job of both making him comfortable at the church while also very clearly presenting the gospel. Even though Jack is attending church regularly, reading his Bible and meeting with me, he is still resistant to submitting his life to the lordship of Jesus. Please pray that Jack will make a radical shift in his life and become a follower of Jesus.”

Washington, D.C.

Stephen Katz reports, “I have been meeting with Bob for several months. He’s asked many questions, and has been open to discovering whether or not Jesus is the Messiah. During our last visit, Bob told me he’d been asking God to show him a sign to help him know if Jesus is the Messiah. Soon after, he had a dream in which Jesus appeared. He didn’t say or do anything, but Bob just knew it was Him. He felt this was an answer to his prayer, and within a few minutes he prayed to receive the Lord.”

Also from Stephen, “Allen, a new Jewish believer, has been troubled by anti-missionary arguments. Pray that God uses me to help strengthen his faith.”


Sabrina Babin reports, “Last month we called 1,600 people with very Jewish surnames from the phone book. When I talked to Pinhas about Jesus, he replied that he was a Jew and invited me to come to his home and talk about it. Since then, Stephen Pacht and I have been meeting with Pinhas once a week. He is a very open French-Moroccan-Israeli who now lives in a very Jewish area of Paris and works as the kashrut (Jewish dietary law) supervisor in a Moroccan Jewish restaurant. We have been through Matthew and Isaiah 53, and Pinhas seemed especially touched by Jeremiah 31:31. Please pray that Pinhas will be saved.”

Also from Sabrina, “While I was waiting in the supermarket checkout line a nice lady let me go first because she had only one item and my caddy (wagon) was full. I saw her Star of David necklace and struck up a conversation. She was shocked to learn I am a Jew who believes in Jesus, but she stood and waited for me to write her name and telephone number. I called her and set a time to meet. Please pray for Michelle, that Jesus will really move her to want to know more about Him.”


Mike Sischy reports, “My wife Teresa and I have been meeting with Doris every month or two for the past two and a half years. Doris has a partial blindness, which makes it very hard to function without someone to help her. We and Doris always seem to end our visits on the same note; she says that she goes directly to the managing director (God) and does not need to go through another! We keep telling her that according to the Jewish Bible, we always needed a go-between to come to God—the priest with the sacrifice. The last time we saw her, something seemed to have changed. She said that maybe she needs to think about believing in Jesus if He is the key to the managing director’s office! Please would you pray for Doris to see the light of Jesus even though she is mostly physically blind.”


Bimini Cohen reports, “Last year, three Jewish women prayed with me to receive Jesus: Denise, Helaine and Diane. Denise’s faith has truly taken off; she is now anchored in a local congregation and is preparing to be baptized. She reads her Bible with zeal and is learning to share her faith with others. Helaine is now reading her Bible every day and is showing signs that God is working in her life, molding and changing her. Diane’s faith never seemed to take off. I asked our supporters to pray for her through a letter I sent out and five weeks later, she called about getting together. Before this she was ‘too busy’ to see me. Last week, after I took her to our local Messianic congregation, she asked me, ‘Aren’t we going to study the Bible?’ I am so thankful for the prayers of the saints and for this spiritual breakthrough. Please pray for Diane’s continued growth.”