It was our first evangelistic effort at Tel Aviv University (TAU). Moshe, Kate and a new Jewish believer named Amit were doing a survey sortie” at TAU. (Instead of handing out tracts, they approached people with an organized set of questions.)

Moshe stopped one young man to ask if he would participate in the survey and the conversation quickly revealed that this young man, Shalvah, was very open to the gospel. Shalvah is a Russian Jew, an immigrant who speaks Hebrew fluently.

After a few minutes of witness, Moshe prayed with Shalvah to receive salvation in Jesus. Moshe says,

“He was the first fruit since I moved back to Israel, hallelujah!”

During their first follow-up visit, Moshe discovered that Shalvah had known about Yeshua (Jesus) from the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Although that accounted for some of his openness, it also meant that he was struggling with the issue of Yeshua’s deity. As Moshe explained the importance of realizing that Jesus is not only the Son of God, but actually God incarnate, he felt that Shalvah was able to accept this truth. Moshe also spoke to Shalvah’s mother about Jesus.

Please pray for Moshe as he disciples Shalvah, and also for Shalvah’s mother to be saved.

It is exciting for us to have the wherewithal to do campus evangelism in Israel! Please be praying for all of our branches, particularly this month, as September is traditionally a time for us to focus on reaching out to students.