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Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year is coming up September 21, with Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement following on September 30. It is appropriate to send holiday greetings any time during the span between holidays. Please check your newsletter inserts to see if we are having holiday services near you. If so, please come…and if possible, bring a Jewish friend!

Sorry if we were unclear

Some who read last month’s newsletter were puzzled when they went to check out the bogus anti-missionary web site and found an evangelistic page. As soon as the judge ruled in our favor, Mr. Brodsky had to release the site and we quickly took and made it kosher.”

25th anniversary not-so-trivial-trivia&#8230

Which of the following has Jews for Jesus never used as part of our public outreach? missionary dressed as a California raisin handing out tracts, missionary dressed as a cow handing out tracts, airplane towing Jews for Jesus banner, missionary on roller skates handing out tracts, neon sign in Times Square declaring the Messiah has come, gospel ad placed in TV Guide, giving away free juice in Jesus’ name, asking people on the streets to take an atheist awareness survey, singing in subway stations.

Sorry, this was a trick question. In 25 years we have tried all of these things and much more!

Special insert alert

In addition to the collectible first broadside, “A Message from Squares,” we have included two full-page gospel ads that ran in the secular media during our NYC Summer Witnessing Campaign. The one titled “Believing in Jesus Makes a Jew More Jewish” ran in the New York Times, and the one titled “Think for Yourself” ran in the New York Post!


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