What is repentance?
Admitting that I am wrong about something.
The only way to be on good terms with God.
The only way to deal with sin.
So easy—it only takes a few words to say, “I was wrong…
I sinned.”
So difficult—because something within me—pride?—wants to
believe that I am good, that I do not make mistakes.
So necessary—because without repentance my heart gets hard
and cold to God’s love.
Lord, please keep me humble before you.
Show me areas of sin in my life and give me the courage to confess
them and accept your forgiveness.
Thank you that I did not earn my atonement,
and that I don’t have to hide from you or pretend to be perfect.
Don’t let me hide from myself!
Help me to see myself the way you see me.
Help me to be honest.
Help me to be humble.
Help me to want my relationship with you even more than I want to
feel good about myself.
Please give me true repentance—
turning from my sin and turning toward you.

Editors Note: Amy Millenson is a volunteer worker with our Chicago Branch of Jews for Jesus. Her article A Time to Remember, appeared under her maiden name Amy Rutt in Volume 6:5747 of The Jews for Jesus Newsletter.