Maybe you are not quite ready to consider Jesus at this time in your life,” I said. I could hardly believe I was giving that kind of advice to Miriam. After all, I am a missionary, and my main duty is to approach people about giving their lives to Jesus.

I continued, “At least, if you are going to deal with the claims Jesus made, you must separate the issue from the fact that you are also involved with a man who tells you he is a Christian.” She sighed and then admitted, “The truth of Yeshua’s claims is not based upon whom I hope to marry. Either Jesus is the Messiah or he isn’t, regardless.” Then she added what I had been waiting to hear. “I guess I need to know more about the Bible. I guess I need to deal with this issue, whether or not I marry this man. Can we look into it?”

I was quick to set the time for our next meeting. I will probably never forget that day. At exactly four o’clock, the office doorbell rang and I knew it was Miriam. Dressed in a trendy outfit of leather and wool, she came in carrying a shopping bag stuffed with books. In her arms she held others she had not been able to fit into the bag. I sensed she was there to do serious business!

I had prepared a specific study for her, but I began by saying, “First let me give you an opportunity to ask any question you may have as a result of your reading.” At that, Miriam pulled out a legal pad filled with writing. I decided to scrap my planned study and deal with issues that were of interest to her. We spent the next hour turning to Scripture in order to answer Miriam’s recorded questions, but we hardly tackled the task. We set up an appointment for the following week. In fact, we met several times after that. After each meeting Miriam stated that she had more questions and we set up another appointment.

Then one day Miriam came to my apartment because she felt she wanted to tell me something “very important.” She hardly had time to take off her coat before she said, “I realized something this week. I have more questions. I will probably always have more questions.” I smiled in agreement.

“You see, Holly,” Miriam said, “my mother passed away so recently. She would be angry if she knew what I believe, so it is best for me to…well…ask a lot of questions.” Her eyes filled with tears.

After a few moments of silence, I said, “Miriam, your mother now knows a lot about the afterlife. We can count on the fact that she knows the truth. If Jesus is the Messiah, if it is true, would your mother want you to remain in unbelief? You really only need to know if it is true.”

Miriam calmed down and a quizzical expression crossed her face. “Y’know, Margaret, our maid for the past 14 years, was a Christian. I have memories of my mother and Margaret having a lot of what my mother called ‘private’ conversations. I wonder if they talked about Jesus.” I assured Miriam that all she had to do was ask Margaret. She seemed comforted with the realization that her mother might have been exposed to Yeshua’s claims.

She said, “Holly, I want to look into it a bit further but, who am I fooling? I know this is true, I just need some time. Can we talk again next week?”

I smiled and told Miriam that I would be glad to get together with her, but she did not need to see me in order to give her heart to Jesus. I explained briefly the steps she needed to take to enter into a new relationship with God, and we planned to meet again.

As you read this, Miriam may have already decided to give her life to Jesus. She may also have decided to ask more questions. Please pray that if she is asking more questions, she is asking now as a daughter and no longer as a doubter! As a child of God, she will find all her answers in him.


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