September 1989 Newsletter (5749:11)

The Disintegrated Personality
September 1, 1989
Topics: yom kippur
Author: Moishe Rosen

God gave Israel the Day of Atonement as a time for soul-searching, repentance and restoring broken relationships with him. Today many consider this concept of returning to God and seeking his acceptance archaic and irrelevant. For the most part, our 20th-century...

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A Failure to Understand
Author: Joshua Moss

The Ten Days of Awe between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are the most solemn time of the Jewish calendar year. If Jewish people ever think about the issue of sin and reconciliation to God, they will think about it during this season. Therefore, the few weeks before...

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Everything to Lose
Author: Robyn Wilk

We had just finished our presentation in a church in Missouri. As usual, I went back to the sales table. Suddenly, masses of people came over and wanted to buy our albums, tapes and books. One woman, however, just stood quietly by the table looking inquisitively at...

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It Was Worth the Wait
Author: Murray Tilles

One of the most exciting aspects of our ministry in Jews for Jesus is seeing people come to know the Lord through our work. We spend many hours on the streets distributing our literature and many more hours meeting with people one on one to talk about Jesus. As...

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In His Case Yet” Meant Almost”
Author: Heidi Grabke

After one of our Liberated Wailing Wall presentations in Seminole, Florida, a smiling lady approached me. Holding a postcard in her hand, she asked, Are you Heidi?” “Yes,” I said, returning her smile. Then with an even bigger smile she said,...

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A Tale of Two Names
Author: Alana Tilles

One of the ways we Jews for Jesus missionaries gain new contacts is by cold calling.” We find Jewish surnames in the local phone book, call total strangers and try to discuss spiritual matters with them. In this way, The Liberated Wailing Wall has had...

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Topics: yom kippur
Author: Amy Millenson


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Memories of Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, was always a very special day for me. My family began preparations for the high holiday season a month earlier. During that month of Elul immediately before Rosh Hashanah, special New Year greetings were common. We sent cards to...

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Not Quite Ready
Author: Holly R.

Maybe you are not quite ready to consider Jesus at this time in your life,” I said. I could hardly believe I was giving that kind of advice to Miriam. After all, I am a missionary, and my main duty is to approach people about giving their lives to Jesus. I...

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