September 1986 Newsletter (5746:11)

Blood Sacrifice
September 1, 1986
Author: Moishe Rosen

I had been a believer in Jesus for just a few weeks when a church member asked me, Since the Temple has been destroyed and the priesthood has been dispersed, what do Jews do for a blood sacrifice?” I didn’t know how to answer that question. I thought it...

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The Blood of Christ
Author: Moishe Rosen

Because the blood of Christ symbolizes his atonement, it is precious to each believer. It becomes even more meaningful as we examine the many facets of the salvation it purchased for us: The Blood is a Token of the New Covenant Matthew 26:28, Luke 22:20 and I...

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Separating Bias from Fact

This is garbage! Let me have one.” That was my introduction to Nettie. “Why would you want to read something you consider garbage?” I asked. She responded by saying that she thought our tracts were always worth a chuckle. She continued on her way,...

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Peace for Abbie
Author: Bette Caley

Knocking on the door of Abbie’s apartment for the first time, I felt a little apprehensive. When I first called this Jewish woman in her 30s, it became quickly apparent to me that she was experiencing a great deal of pain and suffering. Abbie was battling...

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Ripe Fruit
Author: Dan Strull

Because missionary work is often difficult, many think that no one ever comes to the Lord without hours being spent explaining every nuance of our faith and answering every question ever raised about God, his Word and the gospel of Christ. In one incident that I...

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Missionary of the Month: David Brickner

And whatever you do, be sure to mention that I am married to a very lovely lady named Patti.” That was David Brickner’s parting remark when we interviewed him for this article. Patti is not only David’s marriage partner, but also a fellow missionary...

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God Needs Boasters

WANTED: People who are not afraid to boast to their friends, family and even strangers. No experience necessary. That may sound like a rather unusual job description, but since God is the Employer,” we can expect it to be a little out of the ordinary. The task...

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ID Card
Author: David Depew

Sol ran the luncheonette that I often passed on my way to the post office. I wondered if he might be Jewish. Perhaps Sol was short for Solomon. As Sol and I talked, it turned out that he was Jewish, and even from Israel. He was fascinated that I, a Gentile, had...

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We’re Glad You Asked…

QUESTION: I received your invitation to come to a Jews for Jesus friendship banquet, and I noticed that the price of the ticket was $15.00. That seems rather high to me for a meal. Wouldn’t it be better if you just asked your supporters to donate that amount...

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Out of the Mouths of Babes (Or Learning from Children)

One Saturday morning while on an errand to buy donuts with two of my children, I had a rather humorous conversation. They were three and five at the time, and as we drove along, we talked about everything you’d think such young children would be able to discuss....

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