It’s Always Time For Evangelism

Everyone else had gone to hand out tracts, but I had stayed behind to take care of some administrative work. At lunch time, I took a stroll to a nearby fried-chicken stand. I almost forgot I was still wearing the Jews for Jesus T-shirt I had planned to wear while broadsiding.

As I placed my order, from behind me came a familiar challenge, "How can you be a Jew and believe in Jesus? It’s impossible!"

"Does that make me a shiksa then? (a Gentile woman)" I responded to the young man who had spoken.

He laughed and said, "I guess not, but tell me, why do you believe in Jesus?"

As I answered, I thanked God for bringing this young man into my path. Even though I had stayed behind and hadn’t gone out to do "evangelism," God had given me an opportunity to witness.

We stood in front of the food stand and talked for over twenty minutes. Ron had once been a very religious Jew, he said, but now he was agnostic. He had been disillusioned by his involvement in Jewish causes. Though he no longer considered himself traditionally Jewish, his anger was stirred at the sight of my Jews for Jesus T-shirt.

Our conversation ran the gamut: from the reliability of the Bible, to violence done in the name of Christianity; from Talmudic interpretation of the Messiah, to the cults that attract many young Jewish people. I believe Ron was challenged, though, by the message of the Jewish Messiah. I explained how He came, died for our sins, was resurrected, and now lives and is able to give forgiveness and a new life to all who will believe.

When I invited Ron to come hear the Liberated Wailing Wall that night, he declined. Please pray that God will cause the seed of the Gospel to take root in his heart and bring him to belief in Christ.


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