September 1979 Newsletter (5739:12)

Logistics for Lingering in Lines
September 1, 1979
Author: Jeff Fritz

These days we seem to wait in line for just about everything. Just in the past week, I’ve found myself waiting in line to buy gas, to buy food, to pay tolls, and even to get my car washed. In fact, since I’ve moved to California , I’ve spent so much...

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I Hear the Opposition… But Do They Hear Me?

“For I bear them witness that they have a zeal for God, but not according to knowledge.” Romans 10:2 I’d heard it all before, and I suppose that as long as I’m in the ministry, I’ll hear it all again, “Jews Can’t Believe in...

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Having Ears They Do Not . . .

So many people were crowding against me on the busy San Francisco street corner that I almost didn’t feel the gentle tapping on my shoulder . When I turned around, a woman asked me for a broadside, but not in the usual way. Rather, she asked me in sign language....

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Thousands Of Faces Later
Author: Shayna Turner

One of the disadvantages of handing out tracts on street corners is that we don’t usually have the opportunity to meet people a second time. We’re always moving on to a different city or broadsiding” on a different street corner. Even here at our...

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In Case You Were Wondering What We Do When We’re Not On Tour
Author: Barbara Kepp

I’m Barbara Kepp, one of the members of that joyful tribe of Wandering Jews” known as the Liberated Wailing Wall. The reason we’re joyful is that we know the Messiah of Israel, and the reason we’re wandering is that we want to introduce Him to...

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