Answered prayer in Moscow!

Answered prayer in Moscow!

We asked you to pray for salvation for those who gave their contact information during the September Moscow mini-campaign. This quick story is an answer to that prayer!

Sarah gave her contact information during the Rosh Hashanah street outreach in Moscow, requesting our book Jewish Doctors Meet the Great Physician. When one of our team, Ilya Khaimovich, offered to bring the book, she agreed to meet with him at the subway station closest to her home.

When they met, Sarah mentioned that she attends a synagogue. Ilya quoted from Isaiah 53 and asked, “Do you understand who the prophet speaks about?” She said, “Yes, it’s about Jesus.”

It wasn’t long before Sarah was ready to open her heart to receive His forgiveness. Sarah has asked us to pray for the health of her daughter, so please join us in doing so. She also knows that her synagogue does not approve of Jews becoming followers of Jesus, but she is more concerned about having peace with God.

Please pray for God to protect Sarah’s new faith, and that she will continue growing. Please also pray for God’s healing touch on her daughter.

Names are changed to protect privacy.


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