Bits from the Branches


Kata Tar reports, “I was surprised to hear, ‘I know it is not proper to look into your personal notes, but where can I find you guys?’ An unkempt man in his 60s was pointing at the Jews for Jesus logo on the paper I was using to make my list. (I was travelling home from a prayer meeting and my head was full of things to do.) Meanwhile, that little piece of paper was serving the Lord and proclaiming His Name. ‘I have met you before!’ I exclaimed when I looked at Péter*, and I also remembered that I hadn’t been keen on following him up. He was a loud, pushy ‘know-it-all.’ And, I regret to say, somehow I’d failed to phone him, though I am usually quick to follow up with Jewish seekers. ‘I have been looking for you guys for months! Where can I meet you?’ So I invited Péter to our next Havurah meeting. He came. Was he still a loud, pushy ‘know-it-all’? Yes, but he heard the gospel and he responded to it. Even when I was not looking for this lost man, Yeshua was. He is the Good Shepherd! “

Los Angeles

Cyril Gordon reports, “A 60 year old Jewish man named Howard received one of our broadsides at Venice Beach and called our office. Howard has been seeking God for several years now. He’s been drawn to Jesus but confused about how to reconcile this with his Jewish identity. He called practically begging for clarification on the matter. That’s exactly what we do here at Jews for Jesus! It didn’t take much to explain the simple gospel message (in a Jewish way) that Howard could understand. God had obviously already been at work in his life. So, right on the phone Howard eagerly prayed with me to receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He was in tears as he expressed his joy in finally being reconciled with the God of Israel. Please pray for Howard’s spiritual growth as I hope to disciple him and get him into some good fellowship.”


Joshua Turnil reports, "Bat-El is a Sephardic* Israeli in her mid-30s. She saw our large "Juifs pour Jésus" sign up above our Paris shop front and was curious enough to walk in. She wanted to know how it was possible that Jews should believe in Jesus. Bat-El grew up in a very religious home in Israel. She had a very sweet disposition, but nonetheless made it clear that she was angry with God, if in fact he existed. Her first question was, ‘Where in the Torah does it speak of Jesus?’ 

"She was really struck to read the passage in Deuteronomy 18 which speaks of a prophet who would be greater than Moses. Our European director, Avi Snyder, was visiting and shared his story and how he once was also angry with God. We continued to share other passages with her and Bat-El cried as we shared and prayed with her. Though not ready to make the New Covenant her own, Bat-El sent us an email from Israel asking us to make sure one of our people would contact her to help her move forward. Please pray for her salvation."


Bimini Cohen reports, "I can tell that someone’s faith is taking hold when they begin to share it with others, especially their family. Last week, Miri* gave a book about Jesus to her mother. She hasn’t noticed her mom reading it yet, but it is next to her bed. Miri also gave her father a Bible, and he is also keeping it next to his bedside. Please pray for Miri to grow in confidence in sharing her faith and that God might pour out His salvation upon her family."

Bonus Bits from Israel

Oded Cohen: "We were conducting evangelistic surveys in Tel Aviv. As I was speaking to people who were passing by, I noticed a policeman who kept on listening to my conversations. I approached him and was able to engage him in a long and meaningful conversation about Jesus, before he had to go on a patrol. He was not willing to give his contact but I could tell he was interested because his colleagues kept urging him to stop talking to me so they could start their patrol…"

Vlad Mitnitsky: "I was in the middle of some administrative responsibilities when someone called our office by mistake. The person was trying to call the bank and our phone number is similar to theirs. I suggested to the man that perhaps this mistake happened because God wanted him to hear the good news. He said that it could be true. So I shared the gospel with him and he gladly ordered a free copy of the New Testament. His name is Asher. Please pray for his spiritual awakening.

Sarah Danor: "I was near Rabin Square in Tel Aviv and our team was doing surveys on Israeli Religious views. Two young men stopped to take the survey and discussed each of the questions I was asking such as, ‘What is the difference between faith and religion?’ They were engaged thoughtfully rather than giving simple ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers. I asked if I could be in touch with them to discuss spiritual matters and they both agreed and gave me their phone numbers. Please pray for Tzahi* and Gad*."

Alex Adelson: "I had a visit with Yoni*. He is open to the gospel but he is very much influenced by his Rabbi. Like many other Jewish people, he believes that being born Jewish and doing good deeds guarantees him a free ticket to Heaven. We agreed to continue to meet and study the Bible. Next time we will learn about the sacrifices and the Day of Atonement. Please for Yoni* to understand the need for a Savior and not just rely on his good deeds."

* Not their real names
** Sephardic Jews are the communities coming from the Mediterranean basin: the Balkans, Turkey, the Middle East.


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Connect with Jews for Jesus. No matter where you are on the journey of life, whether you’re Jewish or non-Jewish, a believer in Jesus or not – we want to hear from you. Chat with someone online or connect via our contact page below.  
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