Ze’ev Nevo reports,

We met Iris during the Behold Your God Shfela campaign this past spring. In addition to handing out our broadside tracts, we interacted with people in various other ways, including wearing our Jews for Jesus T-shirts into malls and making ourselves available to talk to people. That is how we met Iris. She stopped to talk to us; we gave her a New Testament and she gave us her telephone number. I set up a visit with her for the very next day and was encouraged to see how enthusiastic she was about reading the New Testament. She was actually meditating on it, reading each sentence again and again until she understood it.

“Seeing how thirsty she was to know more about Yeshua, I gave her Moishe Rosen’s book, His name is Yeshua [Ed: Original English title is Yeshua, the Jewish Way to Say Jesus; we adapted it for Israelis in the Hebrew translation.] When we met again the following week, Iris told me that she found the book very interesting. She also had some sincere questions about difficult things that Yeshua said, and she was very receptive to my answers. I connected her with a family of believers from her area so that in addition to our meetings she can begin attending a congregation of believers. It is so obvious that God is doing a great work in her heart and she already has been open with her mother and brother about her interest in Yeshua! Please pray with me for her prompt salvation.”

Melbourne by way of Sydney

Bob Mendelsohn reports,

“Agnita is a friend from the United Kingdom. We met her through the Church’s Ministry Among the Jews in the late 80s.
She recently asked me to pray for her Jewish cousin, Avril, in Australia. Agnita had been witnessing to her by phone, and was encouraged that her cousin had just requested a Bible.

I told Agnita that one of our missionaries, Mark Landrum, would be in her cousin’s area in just a few days, and soon we had organized his visit with Avril and her husband.

Mark was very happy with the visit as they had many good questions and gladly received the Bible. As for Avril, she told Agnita that they’d had a good time together and a nice long conversation.  She said, ‘Shame we don’t know any people like him [Mark] in Melbourne.'”  Please pray for salvation for Avril and her husband.

San Francisco

Viktor Moiseyenko, our outreach worker to Russian speaking Jews has just retired, having continued full time ministry into his 70s. We will miss Viktor very much but he is still part of our family. As we had a small gathering at our headquarters to express appreciation for Viktor, he told the following story:

“One day I went to the sauna.  A man sat down near me and I began talking to him thinking he might be Jewish. Soon I asked what he thought about Jesus.  He said, ‘Yes, I know about Jesus.  Viktor sent me the literature about him.’

I replied ‘Viktor who?’

‘Victor Moiseyenko from Jews for Jesus.’

‘That’s me!’ I had met with this man before, but in the sauna we did not have our glasses on and did not recognize each other!  We both laughed and arranged to get together again.

The last time I had seen this man he dismissed the idea of Jesus. Now when we met and I asked him if he thought Jesus might be the Messiah he said, ‘Of course, who else?’ I reminded him of his response the last time we had met, and he said, ‘But now I am ready.'”

Viktor continued, “To be a missionary you must be patient. You cannot push people.  You cannot make something happen. If you push someone to receive Jesus, they may pray and three days later they have forgotten. You plant the seed, but then you must water, even if you call just to say hello and ask how the family is.  Be patient because you never know when God will work in someone’s heart.”