October 2009 Newsletter (5770:2)

Seeking Wisdom
October 1, 2009

Has God given you an opportunity or situation that made you realize just how much you need His wisdom? Becoming the executive director of Jews for Jesus has made me keenly aware of my need for godly wisdom.  When people ask how they might pray for me I always request...

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All in God’s Timing
Author: Stephen Pacht

In a world of instant gratification and speedy technology, it’s easy to grow impatient when we don’t see what we want, when we want it. Yet God is never rushed, and His timing is perfect. We hope the following stories by some of our missionaries will help...

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Jewish Proverbs in the New Testament?

Most biblical proverbs can be found in the book so named for its content.  However, many proverbs are sprinkled throughout the Scriptures, including the New Testament. The following is a collection of Proverbs found throughout the New Testament. Can you find at least...

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Moishe’s Musings on Serving the Lord
Topics: humility

Serving the Lord is not a job,” yet some people seem to go about it as though they were wageworkers.  They give as much of themselves as they believe the “job” requires and don’t expect a whole lot in return—just enough to keep them going. ...

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Bits from the Branches

Israel Ze’ev Nevo reports, We met Iris during the Behold Your God Shfela campaign this past spring. In addition to handing out our broadside tracts, we interacted with people in various other ways, including wearing our Jews for Jesus T-shirts into malls and...

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