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These days, people look on the Internet for everything from the best deal on a new cell phone, to research for a school paper, to exploring ideas about God.

We have been offering a storehouse of information on our website since 1995.

Our site is for seekers because often Jewish people are more curious about Jesus than they are willing to admit, either to themselves or to others in their household. Whereas regular mailings on the subject might seem intrusive or raise a red flag to a family member, the Internet allows people to ask their questions and look for answers privately. That is not to say that we encourage the notion of what some have called secret believers.” But we do understand the concept of secret seekers . . . people like Nicodemus who begin to explore the truth covertly, but once persuaded of the truth of Jesus, stand openly for Him.

Our site is also for believers. For those who don’t yet know us, it contains our statement of faith, describes the ways in which we are accountable to the body of Christ and explains what we do and why. For friends who do know us, you can use our website to find that newsletter article you really liked and wanted to pass on to your pastor. Or maybe you love our broadside tracts and would like to download some of them to print and pass along, either to friends or even in some public place as part of a church outreach.

Or maybe you were witnessing to a Jewish friend who told you they could never consider Christianity because Jews believe in one God, not three— and you wanted a perspective on the Trinity that draws on the Hebrew scriptures. All our publications, both for seekers and believers, are archived on our website. So even though (for the sake of stewardship) we only mail ISSUES to Jewish seekers (or to Jewish believers who are witnessing to their unsaved family members), you have full access to each and every edition online, for free.

You will also find free e-books online, including story booklets detailing how our own staff have come to faith. We have recently posted, “Give Him Pentothal,” the inspiring story of Andrew Forbat, a Jewish doctor who traveled the world, and particularly India, as a missionary.

You can also enjoy our flash animations, and if you think they will speak to your unsaved friends, send them the links. Or you can participate in evangelistic chatrooms and bulletin boards. These are all ways for you to have a part in sharing your faith, even if you can’t stand out on a street corner, or write an evangelistic tract, or do some of the other things that your donations and prayers enable us to do. Our website gives you opportunities to partner with Jews for Jesus in so many ways, including opportunities to refer a believing or unbelieving friend to receive our mailings. We even have links to make it easy for you to send in donations in a safe, electronic way that will help you save on postage stamps. And we have a related site for Purple Pomegranate Productions, where we sell some fine Messianic resources (books, music, gift items from Israel, etc.) and frequently feature some terrific bargains.

Expanding beyond our main website, we also have a presence on other popular websites such as,,,, and many others.

We are looking for new ways to reach specific audiences on the web. As mentioned last month, we have created a website for a college age audience (, and we are working on several others, including one for doctors. We also have international websites maintained by our branches in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

To help you navigate around our website, we’ve included a number of links at the end of this article.

Meet our Web Designer

Thanks to Emmanuel Mebasser, we are offering more and more on our website, in ways that we hope will prove to be winsome and engaging. Emmanuel and his wife Sarah have been married for six years and have a four-month-old son, Jonah. Emmanuel is a fourth generation Iranian Jewish believer on his father’s side, and a third generation Iranian Jewish believer on his mother’s side. He has a passion for evangelism and especially for using media to bring the good news to the masses. He studied multimedia in college and has been working with Jews for Jesus on a volunteer basis since 1997.

Emmanuel first involved himself with our ministry on the campus of Santa Monica College, where he found one of our missionaries, Annette Sofaer, handing out our gospel broadsides. He joined her in handing out pamphlets, and soon after, we invited him to go to Israel on “Project Joshua,” a program for college-aged Jewish believers in Jesus. After Project Joshua, Emmanuel joined us for a number of short outreaches, including our New York Summer Witnessing Campaign. He also worked with us for two summers, doing internships in the web and multimedia departments at our San Francisco headquarters. He met his wife Sarah on a ministry outreach in Florida in March of 2000, and they were married in November of 2002.

Emmanuel spent the next five years working in multimedia and web design in Los Angeles. He and Sarah had been praying about a move, and had made a list of the top ten places in the U.S. that they would like to live. San Francisco was at the top of their list. As Emmanuel began exploring opportunities in the Bay Area, he discovered that Jews for Jesus was looking for someone to lead our web department.

Emmanuel would appreciate prayer as he continues to look for new ways to engage people on the web, and to bring them out of anonymity and into a living and grounded relationship with Jesus the Messiah. Please pray for God to inspire and direct Emmanuel’s creativity in these efforts.

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