Here are a few tidbits from our Atlanta Behold Your God Campaign as well as our regular New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign:


Steve Kaplan (a volunteer based at a local church in the area) reports, While I was distributing broadsides (our gospel tracts) at a train station on the 4th of July, a religious cult member began to threaten and harass me. I involved the police and a whole scene developed, after which one of the onlookers asked me what had happened. As we discussed the gospel, Jacob told me that he believed in Jesus, but he did not know Him personally. It turned out that Jacob was Jewish and he prayed with me to received the Lord! Who knows if he would have stopped had it not been for my harrasser.”

Abraham Sandler (a volunteer who works with the Christian and Missionary Alliance) reports, “I had a good conversation with Louise, an older Jewish woman I called from our Survivor Stories mailing. When I offered to pray that God would show her what is true, she was glad for the offer.”

The final results of the two-week Atlanta campaign were: campaigners distributed 140,000 broadside-tracts and received the names and addresses of 24 Jewish people and 133 Gentiles who don’t yet know the Lord and are willing to hear more about Jesus. They also prayed with one Jewish person and 39 Gentiles to receive the Lord!

New York

Nikki Raik, who was volunteering with us from South Africa, was walking down the street and overheard a couple walking behind her. With regard to Nikki’s Jews for Jesus shirt, one asked the other in Hebrew: “What’s that about—go ask her.” To which the other replied, “No, you ask her.” This went on for a while and finally the girl was a little irritated and told the guy that he needed to ask for himself because she was not interested. At this point, Nikki pointed at her watch and said (in Hebrew), “I will be here for exactly one more minute, so you’d better ask me now.” Both Israelis ended up being interested enough to give Nikki their names and addresses to receive more information.

Moshe Shuai (from our Tel Aviv branch) was on a sortie (tract-passing expedition) at Macy’s and says, “It was quite slow, until a Jewish man began cursing at me like I have never been cursed at before. I prayed for God to use me, and soon began talking with another man who stopped and said he believed in Jesus but wasn’t sure he was saved. He prayed with me to receive the Lord, and we continued to talk. Suddenly, to my surprise, he began speaking to me in Hebrew. It turned out that he was also an Israeli!”

We had some real challenges to our month-long campaign, including a flooded building due to a main water line breaking in a nearby building. That was a bit of a setback, nevertheless, two Jewish people prayed to receive Jesus with us on the day of the flood. The only other day on which we saw two Jewish people come to faith was the very last day of campaign. We are thankful that God blessed us in the midst of adversity, and thankful that He blessed us until the very end! And we are thankful to all of you who have prayed and otherwise supported us. We hope you are blessed to have a part in these outreaches as well as in the day to day missionary work.


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