October 2001 Newsletter (5762:2)

The Remnant and the Rest
October 1, 2001

Leftover carpet from the Holy Land? That’s what some expected to find behind the storefront window prominently labeled Israel’s Remnant.” But neither my father, Avi Brickner, nor my grandfather, Fred Kendal, were carpet dealers. My grandfather...

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The BYG Pic, October 2001

We hope you know that when we talk about this five-year vision to reach every city with 25,000 or more Jewish people, it’s no boast. We are far too few and too weak to do it on our own. That is why we know that God will receive the glory when it’s done! We...

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New Partnership with an Old Friend
Author: Stan Telchin

Many of you know Stan Telchin from his books, Betrayed and Abandoned. (Betrayed—the fascinating account of Stan’s determination to disprove his daughter’s faith—has been translated into 22 languages. It is one of the best story books available to help...

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BYG Bits

Because of the lead time” needed to print the newsletter, we can’t tell you some of the Behold Your God details as soon as they are reported. We’ll try to catch you up on some of the highlights, as well as follow-up reports, with BYG Bits. BYG...

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The Scarlet Cord of Redemption
Topics: sukkot

A slim scarlet cord dangling in a window might not trigger thoughts of deliverance. That is, unless you were Rahab, a Gentile woman living in a home built into the wall of the ancient city of Jericho over three thousand years ago. Rahab’s scarlet cord was a sign...

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Celebrating Sukkot in Israel
Author: Shlomy A

Sukkot is one of the most significant Jewish holidays, especially in Israel. Sukkot reminds us of how the Lord brought us out of Egypt and provided everything we needed when we had nothing but His presence to live on. It also points to the bountiful provision that He...

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Bits from the Branches

From the CIS: In Dnepropetrovsk, Sergei Koulakov reports, I last met with Dmitry G. in January, 1999. He believed in Jesus and wanted God to change his life, but was afraid to repent. Soon after, he was jailed on drug charges. Dmitry is now out of prison and I...

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