This Just In from Summer 2000 Campaigns!


Amer Olson reports, I had just handed a Jewish woman named Carol the ‘Be More Jewish’ tract. Immediately she said, ‘How did you know I have been thinking about that very thing lately?’ And right there, in the middle of a busy New York street, Carol prayed to accept Jesus as her Messiah!”


Rhonda Gordon reports, “As I was handing out tracts, a drunk man came over and started harassing me. At that moment, Joshua, a bystander, came over to assist me. Then he asked me what Jews for Jesus is and I told him about Yeshua. I offered to pray, and he invited Jesus into his heart. Praise God who turns every knock into a boost!”


Stephen Kaplan reports, “On my very first street evangelism outing here in Toronto a woman walked by and cursed at me. I asked her what she thought of Jesus. And to my surprise, she stopped and started talking. It turned out that she used to be open to Jesus. In fact, one of our missionaries used to visit her. I asked if this encounter might prompt her to consider Jesus again and she said she would think about it. Please pray for Esther.”


Sharifa Nasretdinova reports, “The third time I bumped into Viktoria I said, ‘Do you know what the odds are of us running into each other on three separate occasions in three different places within three weeks in a city of 5 million?!’ ‘This is a miracle,’ she said, ‘and this time I want to invite Jesus into my life.’ We prayed together. Please pray that Viktoria will grow in her new faith.”


Valery Bolotov reports, “As I passed out tracts, a sudden gust of wind snatched one from my hand and dropped it several feet from where I stood. As I bent to pick it up, another gust of wind took it away again. I continued playing this game with the wind until I ended up at a woman’s feet. At last, I picked up the tract and handed it to her. Tatiana is a Jewish woman who has agreed to meet with me. Please pray for her salvation.”


Margaritte reports, “I first met Pierre three years ago on a Jews for Jesus witnessing campaign. Pierre, who sells sponges for a living, was very drawn to Jesus. He feared, however, what he might have to give up to follow Jesus. This time he couldn’t escape God’s calling. I distracted a tidal wave of customers who were trying to bargain for sponges while a fellow campaigner prayed with Pierre. Afterwards, Pierre said, ‘I ought to give my life to Jesus 100%, even if it means closing on Sunday.’ That’s significant since Sunday is the most lucrative day of the week for Pierre’s business. Pray that he will be faithful.”


Steve Kaplan reports, “While handing out tracts one day, a man stopped to ask for more information about Jesus. As I took his name and address, another man lined up behind him. He waited his turn, then told me his name was David. He explained he was Jewish and from Australia. David gladly gave me his address to receive more information and then asked if he could have a tract. I had forgotten to give him one. Thank the Lord for people who are willing to line up to hear the gospel!”

Rachel Landrum reports, “One day while handing out tracts at Covent Garden, I met two Jewish men from Brazil. They didn’t speak much English so we conversed via broken Yiddish! They were willing to receive more information, so my next challenge was to find literature in Portuguese! The same day, I returned to the office and found a letter in Hebrew from a Messianic Congregation (congregation of Jews and Gentiles who believe in Jesus) in Spo Paolo, Brazil! What a ‘coincidence!'”


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