From Fort Lauderdale, branch leader Sharon Freeman reports, During a Saturday night sortie (tract¡passing expedition) an Israeli named Yitzchak recognized me from last year’s Las Olas Art Festival. He and his wife Neera now live in Houston, Texas, where a good friend has been telling them about Jesus. They seemed genuinely pleased to discuss the gospel with me. Neera listened intently as I told them that the bottom line was whether or not Jesus was telling the truth—and then remarked that their friend had told them the exact same thing! Please pray for Yitzchak’s and Neera’s salvation.”

From Chicago, office worker Melanie Rose reports, “My father, Morrie, surprised me a couple of years ago by telling me he had picked up some Jews for Jesus materials at his favorite used book store. He had actually purchased one of our books of testimonies as well as an audio tape, ‘The Jewish Case for Jesus.’ This was the first time he had shown any interest in what I believe. Since then he has attended a couple of our events and has even attended a conference of Jewish believers in Jesus. God certainly seems to be working in his heart, but as of this writing my father has not come to faith in Yeshua. Please pray that God gives him grace to take that step.”

In Moscow, outreach worker Edward Granovsky reports, “I have been praying for my unsaved family for a long time. Recently I was talking about Jesus with my aunt Inna on the phone—and she asked Him to forgive her sins and to be her Lord and Savior! She then gave me my cousin Boris’s phone number and I will call to tell him the gospel. I do not expect it to be an easy conversation! Please pray with me for my relatives’ salvation.”

From the Ukraine, outreach worker Dina Markova reports, “A Christian named Nadezhda met a young Jewish woman named Larissa and wanted to witness to her—but wasn’t sure how. She asked me to call Larissa, who agreed to meet with me the very next day! Larissa listened attentively as I told her that Jesus is the promised Messiah. She recognized her sin and prayed a prayer of repentance during our first visit! Praise the Lord!”

Missionary Lev Leigh reports from Johannesburg, “A Jewish woman named Leigh used to be part of the Lubavitch movement in Brooklyn. She married an Orthodox Jewish man in a shidduch (arranged marriage) and they moved to Israel. Sadly, Leigh and her husband got divorced, at which point she withdrew from Orthodoxy and returned to South Africa. The good news is, now she is a real seeker and is very attentive as we study the Gospel of Matthew together. Please pray for Leigh’s salvation.”

In London, missionary Mark Landrum reports, “For the first time in my life I’ve been having lower back trouble. So I decided to hand out broadsides near the office, where I could refill my tract bag without carrying a fully¡loaded one. When I returned for more broadsides, I met an unsaved Jewish man who had stopped by the shop. He came back for another visit and was eager to learn more about Yeshua. Please pray that Nick will accept Yeshua as his Messiah.”

Missionary Rahel Landrum in London reports, “During a difficult sortie I noticed a woman standing behind me, waiting patiently for me to give her a tract. I talked with her and discovered that she believed in Jesus, but had never accepted Him into her life. She was a missionary’s dream! She asked me, ‘How do I pray to accept Him? Tell me the words I have to say.’ I led her in the prayer, and afterwards she had a big smile on her face. Please pray for Beryl’s spiritual growth.”

From Israel, outreach worker Moshe Shuai reports, “Katie and I, along with three volunteers, went to the Metallica concert for an outreach. For me it was the closing of a circle. About seven years ago, this band came to Israel for the first time. I was a teenager, and attended the concert as a big fan of theirs. This time I came as messenger from God to tell people that the real star is Yeshua. Please pray for the thousands of Israelis who were there, and for those with whom we had conversations.

About a week after that outreach, we organized another at the “Festival of Love” (our July newsletter told about an Israeli who got saved at that festival a year ago). We had eight volunteers and it was a good outreach. It lasted from Wednesday afternoon to Thursday morning, as the concert-goers boarded buses at 4:00 A.M. to return to their homes. That is either the earliest sortie or the latest I’ve ever been on, depending how you look at it!”