Praise the Lord… for Boynton Beach

Last month we asked you to pray for Guillermo Katz as he steps into the role of chief of station of our Florida work. We wanted you to share our nachas (something between pride and joy) over how God is answering those prayers.

When I began the work of Jews for Jesus in Buenos Aires in 1990, I was alone and unfamiliar with the city. Though I was born and raised in Argentina, the bustling city of Buenos Aires is very different from my small hometown of Santa Fe. But the Lord brought along people to help carry out the ministry. Over the last six years, I have come to love the city and the people of Buenos Aires—and I met my wife, Rommy, there. In many ways, it was difficult for us to leave. Yet it felt good to be able to entrust the ministry to my colleague, Carlos Morgenfeld.

Now I am starting over in South Florida. Whereas, thanks to Steve Cohen, Jews for Jesus already has a well-established work here, the people and the area are quite new to me. One of the first things I noticed is, for the most part, you don’t see many streets with a lot of foot traffic. In Buenos Aires there were plenty of street corners where I could stand and hand out tracts, but that is not the case here. I quickly realized I would have to find other ways of meeting people. My first step was prayer. God, help me find those people you want me to serve.”

The Lord has been answering that prayer in a wonderful way. I was at the office the first week when the phone rang. A woman named Suzy introduced herself as a new Jewish believer in Jesus. She asked me to send her a catalog listing our materials. I told her I could do something better: I could visit her in person and talk about the Bible. She gladly agreed and gave me her address. That was the first time I heard of Boynton Beach. I didn’t know I would be hearing about this town many more times in the following days.

When I visited Suzy, she introduced me to her husband, Brad, and her friend Robin, who lives next door. Robin is also Jewish and although not yet a believer, she is very interested in knowing more about Jesus. I suggested we begin a Bible class. Suzy and Brad volunteered to host it at their home.

Two days later, a believer named Alice called to tell me about her Jewish friend Stacey—who is also very open to hearing about Jesus. The only problem, Alice explained, is that Stacey can’t make it to Ft. Lauderdale to attend our regular meetings because she lives in Palm Beach County. I asked where, and you guessed it: Boynton Beach. What a coincidence—not! Stacey promised to come to the Bible study the next week.

I was getting excited about this, and I told one of our missionaries, Sharon Freeman, how God was answering prayer. She then told me about a new Jewish believer named Ellen who needs discipleship. Where does Ellen live? Yes, Boynton Beach. I called her. She was very excited and attended our first class.

A week later I was at the office and a believer named Phyllis called. She told me about her Jewish husband, who is very open to Jesus. I visited them in West Palm Beach. Sure enough, Bill told me he is open-minded about Jesus, but he has many questions and wants to study so he can make an intelligent choice…and of course he will come to the class in Boynton Beach.

The following day I was scheduled to speak at a church in…yes, Boynton Beach! After the service, a man approached me and said, “Shabbat Shalom.” Bart is Jewish and is seeking to find out more about God. He is interested in Jesus and wants to study more.

Praise God for the ways He brings us opportunities to minister. Praise God for what He is doing in Boynton Beach. And please continue to pray for me as I start this new phase of ministry in South Florida.


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