Faith — A Family Affair

At the suggestion of his pastor, Alan, a brand-new Jewish believer in Jesus, called our office. Alan was in need of encouragement, especially in telling his family about his faith. He began a series of discipleship sessions with Rob Wertheim of our Los Angeles staff.

It was only a matter days before Alan found enough courage to tell Marcia, his mother, that he believed Jesus is the Jewish Messiah. He expected her to become angry, but he didn’t expect her response.

For the past several years, I’ve been thinking about Jesus, too!” Marcia exclaimed. She had lots of questions. Alan didn’t have all the answers, so he suggested that his mother call Rob herself.

Marcia didn’t waste any time. She called Rob and was excited to learn more from him about Jesus. Rob called me to take over, and I found that Marcia was willing to meet with me one-on-one to discuss her questions in more detail.

Two days later, as I stepped into Marcia’s home, I was greeted by three dogs, Alan’s brother Bruce and Marcia, a delightful woman in her 50s who spoke with a rich Brooklyn accent. We conversed briefly about the East Coast as she poured two glasses of iced tea and placed them on the dining room table. She didn’t wait for me to ask if she had a Bible. She was ready with her paperback version, a pen and a pad of paper.

For the next half hour I shared John chapter 1 with Marcia and explained the Jewishness of the Trinity. She was amazed. She told me that she had gone to church in the past after having found no comfort in going to synagogue. She had lots of questions that her rabbis never could answer, so she had gone to church — all kinds of churches. Yet she still had felt that something was missing, that she was an outsider.

“Do you think what was missing was your commitment to Jesus?” I asked.

“It may be true. After all, I was jealous of my friends who were Christians,” she acknowledged.

I asked Marcia that day if she wanted to make a commitment to Jesus, but she said she wasn’t ready. She needed time to digest all that we had discussed. She did, however, pray with me that God would give her the courage to make that decision.

The following week God did answer Marcia’s prayer. After our second visit, I asked Marcia to pray with me again, and this time she was ready to make a personal commitment to Yeshua. She didn’t hesitate to call her son Alan to tell him the good news. Before she hung up the telephone, she told him, “Now we need to pray for Dad and for Bruce.” We went back to the dining room and prayed for the rest of Marcia’s family to come to faith.

Within days of Marcia’s decision, she told her husband that she had placed her faith in Jesus. She didn’t get the hostile response she expected. Her husband didn’t get quite as excited as she had to hear about Jesus, but he did say that he would be willing to come to church with her. May God grant the desires of Marcia’s heart, and may her entire household come to know our Messiah.


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