Our annual Jews for Jesus Summer Witnessing Campaign in New York always makes a high profile statement for the Lord. On the streets, in the subways and wherever crowds gather, our staff and volunteer campaigners proclaim the message of Messiah and do their best to make Yeshua an unavoidable issue. By God’s grace, at the end of Campaign there probably were not many Jews or Gentiles left in the city who had not heard that Jews and everyone else ought to receive Jesus as Messiah and Savior. The campaigners handed out 1,105,310 tracts. They received 4,821 names of interested inquirers for further contact, and 432 people prayed to make a commitment to Yeshua.

This year the campaigners were able to make a more visible statement than ever because of the Democratic National Convention at Madison Square Garden. They had special tracts: It’s Just Another Mudslinging Contest; Who Needs Politics? and We Need a King [Jesus], Not a President. They wore T-shirts that read King of Kings and Say Yes to Yeshua in English, Hebrew and Russian, and buttons that said Say Yes to Yeshua. Again and again the bold statement went out not only to New Yorkers but to delegates from all over the U.S. that Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords for everyone.

Henry Morse, one of our new missionaries who used to be a professional acrobat and clown, can walk on stilts. They put Henry in a red, white and blue Uncle Sam costume. Towering above the convention crowd, Henry paced back and forth in front of Madison Square Garden making various gospel statements. He received coverage from ABC national news that enabled him to give a brief story for the Lord.

Our campaigners handed out tracts to thousands of the delegates and conversed with hundreds of them, but their most exciting convention event was the good-natured march around Madison Square Garden. (We Jews for Jesus do not protest. We attest. We take no public stance against anything, but make our statement for the Savior.) With signs and slogans that communicated the gospel in a convention context, the campaigners chanted as they marched: Don’t elect Him, just accept Him…Jesus is our God and King…He is the master of everything.”

The campaigners marched around Madison Square Garden three times before getting stopped. They had hoped for seven, but the police would not allow it. Nevertheless, the friendly gospel story was seen by thousands.

The star of the march was the donkey mascot, symbol of the Democratic party. It was a great way to capture anyone’s attention regardless of their political persuasion. This donkey also symbolized the fact that Messiah has already come. The marchers kept saying to onlookers, “Do you know why no one is sitting on the donkey? It’s because Jesus the Messiah already came! He is here and you need to accept Him now.”

Actually the donkey was not a real animal. But it was a two-person costume with one of our Russian campaigners in the front and Henry Morse in the back. Imagine “hee-haw” with a Russian accent! To find out what the other end of the donkey was thinking and saying, read on…