Harold??? Harry???

Pssst, ” she whispered to me as I stood behind a table displaying our Jews for Jesus literature. “See that man over there? He came to the church specifically to talk with Moishe Rosen.”

So, I walked over to the gentleman, knowing nothing about him except he seemed to want to talk with Moishe Rosen. I introduced myself. “Hi, I’m Ellen Covett, Moishe Rosen’s secretary. I understand you came here this morning specifically to talk with him. He should be coming up to the literature table shortly, and I’ll make sure you get to see him.”

No response… “What’s your name?” I asked.

Response… “Harold Simone” (pronounced see-mone). Then Mr. Simone proceeded to ignore me and continue with his project of collecting one of every piece of literature we had sitting on the table. Deciding that Mr. Simone definitely came to talk specifically with Moishe Rosen and Moishe Rosen only, I casually returned to the other end of the literature table.

A few minutes later Mr. Simone approached me. “I have something to tell you. My name really isn’t Harold Simone; it’s Harry Simon and I’m Jewish and I came here this morning to find out why you believe Jesus to be the Messiah of Israel .” (Yes, that was said in one long breath.) “What made you personally believe in this? Did people convince you or did God convince you? How long have you believed? How did your parents react and what do they think now? Are you married? How is it possible to be a Jew and believe in Jesus?”

Whew! The untalkative “Harold Simone” had become very talkative as he fired question after question at me! I was then able to share with him how I, a Jew, came to believe in Jesus. He listened as I answered his questions. Then he told me his niece had just become a believer in Jesus and he was “really trying to understand it.”

“God will reveal Himself to you if you seek after the Truth,” I told him. “Something you could pray is: ‘God give me the courage to believe these things about Yourself and about Jesus as Messiah if, indeed, they are true. Give me courage to step out in faith and follow You.’ “Harry nodded and said he would pray this.

At that point, Moishe Rosen came up to the literature table. “Talkative Harry” again became “untalkative Harold Simone.” “I can’t believe that,” he said defensively. “Nothing will make me change my mind. ” Period. “I’m leaving.”

As I stood there astounded, he marched off, even before he could be introduced to Mr. Rosen. But I know that Harry left with much to think about, much on his mind. As I watched him walk out, I saw the bundle of Jews for Jesus literature he clutched securely, and I remembered that he said he would pray for the courage to believe. Please pray that “untalkative Harold Simone” once again becomes “talkative Harry” and talks to God, asking for the courage to believe in Messiah Jesus!


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