You are making a double impact in Tel Aviv as you help us serve the homeless

You are making a double impact in Tel Aviv as you help us serve the homeless

Bringing believers and unbelievers together to help those in need

“We are Messianic Jews who want to love and serve the homeless as Jesus taught us.”

Danielle Stavi, one of our Tel Aviv team leaders, was very clear as she addressed more than 70 Israelis who had packed out the Moishe Rosen Center.

Danielle and her team planned the event to raise local Israelis’ awareness of people who live on the streets and how to care for them.

After making it clear who and what we stand for (Jesus!), Danielle gave an open invitation. “No matter what your belief or background, we are looking for people who want to help restore the lost hope of those living on the streets.” There was silence in the room.

Danielle then introduced two expert guest speakers, neither of whom know Jesus yet. Danielle and her team have had conversations with both experts about our faith, and they in turn have shared information about homelessness, addiction, why people live on the street, how best to treat them, etc..

Answering frank questions frankly makes an impression

Several who attended the event asked about the beliefs of our staff and volunteers. For example, two girls came up to Hadass, one of our volunteers, and asked what it means to be a Messianic Jew. They listened with interest as she explained her faith. One asked, “Why did you choose to tell us that you are Messianic? Are you speaking to us as ‘missionaries’?”

Hadass replied, “We want to be clear on who we are and where we are from. It is important for us to share that Jesus is the source of our motivation.” The girls thanked Hadass for her honesty and at the end of the evening made a point to say how much they appreciated the event.

Please know that as you partner with Jews for Jesus, you are making it possible for us to do so many things, including helping the homeless, inspiring others to care for them . . . and showing people what it means to follow Jesus in the process!


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