Asaf, a 33-year-old drug addict had no interest in Jesus when he met Igal Vender* during a street outreach. He accepted the invitation to a pop-up café for a free meal, but no sooner had he finished eating than he was ready to leave. “Wait, can I pray for you?” Igal asked. “You can do whatever you want,” Asaf shrugged, as he made his way back out to the street.

Igal kept an eye out for Asaf and gradually built a relationship with him. Asaf’s story was heartbreaking. He had immigrated to Israel with his father, leaving one of the poorest countries in Eastern Europe, hoping for a better life.

Those hopes were dashed when Asaf could not find a job that would cover rent and other basic needs. Getting high with some guys on the street seemed like the only way to escape the harshness of his new reality. Eventually, Asaf became a heroin addict. Petty theft to pay for his habit landed him a two-year prison sentence. He was back on the streets and using when Igal met him.

Asaf refused Igal’s many invitations to his congregation’s ministry rehab house, but gradually began to welcome offers of prayer. Slowly but surely, Asaf’s heart began to soften.

He finally came to the rehab house—where it became obvious that God was doing something remarkable!

Asaf had clearly come to the end of himself. He accepted a copy of the Scriptures from Igal, and they read and discussed John’s gospel. He also sat in on the daily study groups at the house, and eventually, he was able to smile.

About three months after Igal began meeting with Asaf, he reported, “Today, we studied Matthew 8:23–27, where Yeshua (Jesus) calmed the storms. Asaf told me that from the moment he entered the rehab house, he felt someone calming his raging spiritual storm. He told me that he wanted to ask God to forgive his sin. He wanted Yeshua in his life. I had the joy of leading him in a prayer of faith in Yeshua as his Messiah and Lord.”

Please pray for Asaf as he takes his first steps in faith, that he will grow and mature and remain drug free. Igal asks for prayer as he continues to study the Bible with Asaf and as he prepares him for baptism.

Names are changed to protect privacy.