Lyn Bond reports, “Why would I remember a wrong number from three years ago? Because the caller, who was trying to reach a nurse, left her number asking for a call back so she’d know whether she had the correct number. I called her back, told her I wasn’t a nurse but a minister, and offered to pray for her. It turned out that Joyce was Jewish, and she allowed me to send her some information. In fact, I wrote about this incident in the November 2008 ‘Bits from the Branches.’ I asked prayer for Joyce, who read the material and agreed to have lunch—but since she was out of town, it would have to wait till she returned.

“Over time, I continued to call and remind her about that lunch together, but she always had a good reason why now was not the time for us to get together. She continued to say that she really wanted to get together and she had some questions for me. These phone calls continued until just recently when we finally met for lunch.

“The restaurant was noisy, so Joyce invited me to continue the conversation at her home. What an answer to prayer as she asked me to tell her again what I believe about Jesus and why. We parted company with a plan to meet again in a month; that would give her time to read the additional information I left with her. Please pray for more opportunities to minister to Joyce, and that she will come to know Jesus.”


Oded Cohen reports,We first received David’s* contact info during our Behold Your God Campaign in 2009. From the very first meeting, he was quite curious and open. I usually visit David with Vlad, another of our Israeli staff members. Each time we’d show David a Scripture, he’d say, ‘Wow! I never saw that before.’ He has always had a certain excitement to know more—a good sign that people are walking the path toward faith and salvation in our Lord Jesus.

“During our last visit before leaving for our Passover tours, we left him a few books to read and encouraged him to re-read the Scriptures that we had shared with him. When we got together after a time of not seeing each other, it was a joy to learn that David not only read most of the books we gave him, but he had come to believe that Jesus is his Savior and Messiah! He had also copied the sinner’s prayer so he could take it wherever he goes—he’d been praying it daily!

“I explained that it is good to repent of specific sins daily, but Yeshua is now his Messiah and Lord and it’s not necessary to continue to pray that prayer. David understood, but said he likes to pray the prayer regularly anyway. He is a well-established, well-educated professional who is influential in his field, and has already shared his faith with some of his friends.

“Please pray for David to grow in his faith and become all God is calling him to be.”

Los Angeles

Cyril Gordon reports, “Recently I had the privilege of ministering to the father of someone who used to be on staff with Jews for Jesus. His name is Gerry and he’s presently in a critical care facility. I understand that in the past he was very hostile to the gospel, but he has recently given his life to Jesus. When I arrived at the hospital, there lay before me a man who had been a very successful oral surgeon, but now was bedridden with several tubes connecting him to various machines. But with all the suffering he’s gone through in the last several months, I could see that joy and glimmer in his tear-filled eyes when I told him that I, too, was a Jew who believed in Jesus. After some sweet fellowship that included reading the Beatitudes and Psalm 23 with him, Gerry reconfirmed his faith in Jesus as I led him in a prayer. I plan to visit him again soon. Please pray for the salvation of the rest of his family and for the Lord Jesus to be with Gerry in a special way at this time.”