Editor: Thanks to those of you who have responded with so much enthusiasm to the excerpts from Moishe’s yet-to-be published biography. I’m encouraged that so many are looking forward to reading the book (as I write this I’m on the very last chapter.) I’ve received many other beautiful notes saying how much that Moishe’s Musings will be missed. This month, I thought we’d take a break from the book previews because I wanted to share the following recently discovered (I believe never-before-published) nugget that Moishe wrote, probably in the early to mid-seventies.

Last Monday, Ceil bought me a plastic kite.  You know, I have a lot of the same problems as Charlie Brown. One of my problems is that I have never been able to get a kite to fly. We went to Golden Gate Park and put the kite together according to the instructions.  The kite was the shape of a sting-ray and had big fearsome eyes. The eyes we didn’t put on, because we wanted it to be a friendly kite. I hooked it up to my fishing reel and half of a fishing pole and I ran; and as I ran, the kite went up. But the field on which I was running wasn’t quite long enough, and when I stopped running the kite fell down.

I think some of us have souls like a kite. As long as we keep running, it’ll stay up, but in a world as crowded as ours, it’s hard to keep running all the time because we don’t have any place to run to.  Jesus says that the Spirit of God is like the wind (John 3:8).  When that Spirit takes hold of our kite soul, then we get a lift and we go high as long as we stay anchored and keep a tight connection. That’s another thing I learned about kite flying.  The line has to be taut; otherwise, it can’t go up.  But He’ll lift us as high as our cord will let us go.  I hope you’re getting a lift out of Jesus.

Anyway, I took the kite down to the beach.  There’s always a breeze there.  I didn’t even have to run; I just let go, and the kite flew to the sun.  I couldn’t look at it, but I knew it was up there because I could feel the tension on the cord. Several times it dipped or dived, but always the wind picked it up again. It scared some of the seagulls, but the kids who were lying on the beach on this almost-warm day didn’t pay much attention.  I guess they’re used to seeing grown men and their wives flying kites.

I tried to reel the kite in, but the monofilament cord snapped. The kite went sailing across the Great Highway; and when we got to the top of the bluff overlooking the beach, the kite was nowhere to be seen. But in the sunlight, that thin strand of monofilament line glistened and I followed it.  Even though the kite had gone a fourth of a mile, it went over the highway and came down intact. 

I guess that the beach is the place to go if you want to fly a kite; but I’ll remember to bring enough cord that’s both thick enough and long enough, because somehow I know that kite could have gone much, much higher than my limited cord let it go. It’s like that with the things of God too. If you want to rise and go high, you’ve got to go to the place where you know the Spirit is moving, and you’ve got to have cord that’s stout enough and long enough to see what your soul kite can do.  Like I say, I hope you get a lift out of Jesus.