There are no stars to be born in Jews for Jesus because we are a team of missionaries who pull together, and Blue Mosaic is a team within a team.  And rather talented team, we believe!

Like the Liberated Wailing Wall, Blue Mosaic is a mobile evangelistic arm of Jews for Jesus. Their vision statement is:  To use music and the arts to present the gospel in a culturally relevant manner to our Jewish people around the world.”

And, like the Liberated Wailing Wall, Blue Mosaic will bring their new, original music to churches and congregations, as well as singing and handing out broadsides on college campuses when possible. But this group will also have the flexibility to seek opportunities at coffeehouses, festivals, fairs, “open mic” nights, and wherever the current generation of Jewish people can be reached.

Because the primary mission of Blue Mosaic is reaching Jewish people through their music, they minister mainly in major metropolitan areas. The team will partner with our branch missionaries in places like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc.  They will also reach cities where we don’t have branches, like Detroit, Atlanta and Denver.

Blue Mosaic has a more contemporary look and feel than the Liberated Wailing Wall (the latter incorporating an Eastern European “Fiddler on the Roof” flavor) yet all of the group’s songs convey the timeless truth of God’s Word.

Members of Blue Mosaic came together for the first time in Chicago where they participated in this year’s Summer Witnessing Campaign training, after which they went on to participate in our New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign.  Immersion into urban evangelism seemed to be the best possible foundation for what promises to be an exciting year of ministry.

The team named themselves, and offers the following explanation of “Blue Mosaic”:

Blue is the color of the sky and the ocean—two aspects of God’s amazingly beautiful creation, and we too want to reflect His beauty in the music and message He’s given to us.  Blue is also one of the colors of the Israeli flag, which reminds us of our identity with our Jewish people and Yeshua, our Jewish Messiah.

Mosaic – a work of art composed of different elements that form a unified and harmonious whole. This music team is a mosaic composed of Jewish believers who are all from different countries and cultures.  And “Mosaic” can also refer to Moses, the Lawgiver, about whom Jesus spoke when he said, “Everything must be fulfilled that is written about me in the Law of Moses, the Prophets and the Psalms” (Luke 24:44). 

So we are BLUE MOSAIC, a group of Jewish believers from around the world, taking the beautiful message of salvation through our Jewish Messiah to our Jewish people worldwide.


Team leader Julia Pascoe was born in London, England.  She grew up with her secular Jewish mother, who died when Julia was sixteen.  For many years, Julia questioned God’s existence, but she finally cried out to Him for help.  She soon met a Christian who told her about Jesus and insisted she read the book, Betrayed, the story of Stan Telchin, and how his struggle to disprove his daughter’s faith in Jesus actually led him to see that He is the Jewish Messiah.

Julia read the book and became a believer in Jesus two years later, in 1998. 

In 2003, God called her into full-time ministry with Jews for Jesus.  Julia served as a missionary in our London branch, and participated in several Behold Your God campaigns, including Berlin (2005) and New York (2006) and led the London campaign in the summer of 2009.  She also serves on our Jews for Jesus Council. Julia sings and plays the guitar, which serves as the primary rhythm instrument for Blue Mosaic.

Nathaniel Wiseman, from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada grew up in a Messianic home and spent most of his first fifteen years in Israel, so he is fluent in Hebrew.  He came to faith at a Messianic summer camp in Jerusalem. He is the grandson of Eliezer Urbach (a well known Jewish believer in Jesus featured in our film Survivor Stories) and is also the cousin of former Liberated Wailing Wall member, Amy Etinger. 

Nathaniel sings baritone and has an Honors B.A. in vocal performance as well as a resume full of classical repertoire and operatic roles.  Among his talents is the ability to “cantillate,” which is to sing the Hebrew text of the Torah.  He also plays percussion for Blue Mosaic.

Giselle Le’Aupepe is from Sydney, Australia.  Raised in a Messianic home (her mom fully Jewish and her dad, half Jewish and half Samoan), she believed in Jesus from an early age. Giselle is a third generation Jewish believer and like many, had her time of rebellion before her faith became “her own.” Giselle has a B.Mus. degree in performance from Wesley Institute.  She faithfully volunteered in our Australia branch, participated in our Adelaide mini-campaign, and has also spent time in our New York center.

Giselle writes music, sings, and plays piano, guitar, and percussion, particularly the dunbek (middle Eastern drum).  She also enjoys painting, photography, and “has several projects going” at any given time.  She led a two-person music team called “Almost a Trio” that played various venues around Sydney for the past two years, and in 2008 she released a six-song (EP) recording. She has already contributed several original songs to the group’s repertoire.

Mandie Greenberg is the youngest Blue Mosaic team member, having graduated high school in 2007. She was born into a believing Jewish family and grew up in Syracuse, New York, where her parents led a Messianic congregation.  Mandie came to faith in Yeshua at age five. She has studied both voice and guitar, loves music and especially enjoys leading worship.  She also enjoys learning other languages, writing poetry and song lyrics, and learning dance choreography.

Mandie has a wide vocal range (alto to soprano), sings and plays percussion for the group, and has also contributed songs to the group’s repertoire.

Michael Jones was the last “piece” to fall into place in Blue Mosaic.  Originally our fourth member was to join the team from the former Soviet Union, but he was denied his visa. We asked prayer to find a new member and God provided Michael!  He grew up in a believing home, and his mom is Jewish. During high school, Michael distanced himself from other believers for awhile, but at age eighteen a friend and fellow band member pointed out the gap between Michael’s talk and his walk.  Michael realized his friend was right and got back “on track” with the Lord. 

Michael plays guitar (both acoustic and electric), and also plays bass, drums, and sings tenor.  He recorded a solo project this past spring on which he played most of the instruments. He’s also participated on the worship team at his church in Windham, Maine.  He joined Blue Mosaic toward the end of their training time in New York, and so did not have the opportunity to be with them during Campaign training or during the outreach itself.

Here is a sampling of encounters that Blue Mosaic had during the campaign:

Julia Pascoe: One day on Campaign, we were on our lunch break when two Jewish ladies, Judith and Joanne noticed the words on our T-Shirts: “How can you be Jewish and believe in Jesus? Ask me!”  Judith invited me to join them and Joanne said, “So I’d like to ask you!”  I gave a brief story of how I came to believe in Jesus, and explained that the Jewish Bible speaks of the time, place and circumstances of the Messiah’s birth, death and resurrection.  They both listened intently and Judith actually said that she believed Jesus was crucified and rose from the dead, but couldn’t understand the virgin birth.  She agreed to talk more with one of our missionaries at the New York branch and has since been in contact with us!  Please pray that God will speak to her through His Word. 

Joanne is Judith’s second cousin and lives in London, so that gave us some good common ground. I have since connected with her on Facebook.  Please pray for these two women to come to know their Messiah and Savior.

Giselle Le’Aupepe:  I met Hilda, an 85-year-old German Jewish lady during a mid-day sortie (tract-passing expedition) at 79th & Broadway. I offered her a broadside (gospel tract) and, seeing my T-shirt, she responded to my gesture by asking, “Are YOU Jewish?”  I explained lightheartedly that believing in Jesus made me more Jewish to which she replied, “Well I was in Auschwitz … and I believe God protected and preserved my life there.  Not Jesus.”

I was able to explain how both my grandmother and grandfather lost family members in various camps in Europe, including Theresienstadt and Dachau. Then I explained how my grandparents had come to believe in Jesus, despite the atrocities of the war. Hilda winced and told me, “Look, I am from a Hasidic background.  We don’t talk about such things.”

I began to share the gospel with her and pleaded with her to let me send her the Jews for Jesus Survivor Stories DVD, but she declined. Still, I was thankful to have this opportunity to share my grandparents’ story.  Please pray for this lady’s salvation, and that she would know the One who preserved her life, and why.

Mandie Greenberg: I was in Bryant Park, using one of our new conversation starters—a simple survey—when I spotted a man sitting by himself who looked like he had a little time on his hands. The minute I walked up to him, he looked at my shirt and told me that he didn’t believe what I believe. I asked if he would take the survey anyway. He agreed.

Through the survey, I found out that he was a former leader of the Jewish Defense League and had often opposed Moishe Rosen in the ’60s and ’70s, both verbally and physically. When the survey was complete, I challenged him as to why he wouldn’t consider Jesus as his Messiah. He replied with the usual arguments about the Holocaust, the Resurrection and the virgin birth and proceeded to ask me why I did believe.

I told him that I had evidence. He asked me what that evidence was. I replied that if he really wanted to know, I would send him some literature with the evidences for Jesus. Two minutes later, he was giving me his address and contact information so that I could mail him something. He claimed that he probably wouldn’t read it, but because I was a nice Jewish girl I could send it.  So, please pray that God would soften his heart and that he would be willing to consider the truth of the Messiahship of Jesus.

Nathaniel Wiseman:  While broadsiding in Bryant Park (New York City), I met a middle-aged man in business attire. As the conversation proceeded about “who Jesus is,” it became clear that Mitch was Jewish, took the Bible seriously, and had examined some of the claims about Jesus. We quickly fell into an involved conversation about the origins of the Messianic hope and the meaning of 2 Samuel 7—where God promises David an eternal kingship. I told him that either Jesus is Messiah, or God’s promise to David has failed (since we do not know with any certainty who is of the line of David anymore). I pointed out that this is why the Gospel of Matthew, gives Jesus’ genealogy and calls him the Son of David—the Son of Abraham.

As I continued to speak to Mitch, I found out that he had met others from our New York Branch, and has had serious conversations with his Christian friends, acquaintances, and co-workers. He also said that he had gone to the Jews for Jesus website and read many of the articles there. Sadly, he has also listened to many “ex-Christians” who claim that reconciliation with God through Yeshua is a deception. Although Mitch would not give me his contact information, I was able to encourage him to call our New York Branch, and also to prayerfully examine the Scriptures and ask God to reveal to him who Jesus truly is. Please pray for Mitch—that God would open his heart to the salvation found only in Yeshua the Messiah.

If you want pray for Blue Mosaic, here are a few requests the team asks you to keep in mind:

  • For the group’s schedule to fill up with many opportunities for evangelistic outreaches, as well as opportunities to share their message with believers who will catch our vision
  • For health and safety as they travel
  • For the salvation of unsaved family members and friends
  • For good relationships within the team and quick resolution of any conflicts so that the gospel can go forth unhindered.
  • That “honoring one another above ourselves” (Romans 12:10) would be the hallmark of our group.

Postscript: A big thank you to all who either served as members or stood with the Liberated Wailing Wall in past years. While that historic chapter of our music ministry has come to an end, those who took part continue to be an inspiration. As Blue Mosaic picks up the baton to run this leg of the race, may they be blessed and be a blessing, as their predecessors were.