Yarden, originally from Ukraine, was following up with Rosa, a Jewish Russian woman we met through phone calling during our Behold Your God Gush Dan campaign. Yarden reports, Rosa was so happy to receive a New Testament in Russian. She is a highly educated biologist and believes in God with all her heart. For a long time, she has been curious about Jesus, wondering why He is called ‘the Son of God’ and why he was crucified.

“I answered some of her questions and encouraged her to read the Bible. Then we read Isaiah 53 together and I was amazed to hear her say, ‘So Jesus took away all our sins and he was raised from the dead so God proved that Jesus is his Son!’ Please pray for her that God completely will open her eyes and she will be saved.

“After that I needed to take a cab to my next visit but had a hard finding one. It was so hot; I prayed that the Lord would send me help. Just then a cab stopped for me. I witnessed to him on the way to my visit and he gave me his contact information.

“My second visit was with Liora, another contact from the Gush Dan campaign. Liora is about 60 years old. She was very open to the gospel and prayed with me to receive the Lord.

“I praise God for His faithfulness. Please pray for these people and praise the Lord with me, ‘For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost’ (Luke 19:10).”


Yoel reports, “Last March, I was handing out our gospel broadsides in Golder’s Green, an area where many Orthodox Jews live. (Yoel is part of our Israel branch, but has had assignments in the UK and U.S.) I chatted with Asif, an Israeli who gave me his address and phone number so that we could continue the conversation.

“Another Israeli, Amir, overheard me explaining the gospel in Hebrew and came over to tell me he had been reading the New Testament and was beginning to believe. Well, it isn’t every day that you hear that! He and I also exchanged phone numbers.

“Asif did not return my calls, but Amir and I began to have regular visits. Much spiritual groundwork had been laid as a friend had been sharing the gospel with him and taking him to church.

“Shortly after we met I had a three week speaking tour in the U.S. and Amir went on holiday with his parents. I thought it would be a daunting task for him to tell them that he had been attending a church and seeing a missionary. But Amir took it in stride and was very open about his investigation.

“Once we were back in London, Amir told me that he understood why Jesus tells us that our love for Him should be even greater than love for one’s parents. Not only did Amir stand up for Jesus, but he gave his life to the Lord a week later at his church in London! We are now learning together what it means to be His disciple. I am reminded of the verse:  “I sent you to reap that for which you did not labor. Others have labored, and you have entered into their labor” (John 4:38).”

South Africa

Teresa reports: “Simone is a vibrant Jewish lady, married to a Christian. She and I met twice to discuss the Messiahship of Jesus and whether a Jewish person can believe in Him. I gave her the book Betrayed, which she read and enjoyed. Then there was a long silence; I left many messages for her and waited. Recently I phoned Simone—this time she answered. She said ‘I can’t believe that you phoned me today, Teresa; Jesus is really out to get me.’ She proceeded to tell me that she’d attended her uncle’s funeral the previous day. While walking to the grave, her cousin shared with her that she is a Jewish believer in Jesus and that she would love to meet with Simone to discuss Messiah. I prayer that the Lord will use Simone’s cousin in a mighty way. I am also pleased that Simone has agreed to meet with me again. God-He just never gives up on reaching out to the lost.”