November 2006 Newsletter (5767:3)

Fragile Invincibility
November 1, 2006

I am beginning this article in a hospital waiting room. It is August. Susan Perlman, my close colleague, First Assistant and very dear friend is undergoing surgery to remove a tumor that is probably malignant—20 years after having survived a bout with cancer. No stranger to that hospital, I’d sat anxiously awaiting word of my…

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Meet Our New Trainees!

Crystal Buchhalter remembers that when she was very young she had a children’s Bible that included the New Testament. This was strange as her mother raised her to observe the Jewish religion. In any case, Jesus became one of many Bible heroes Crystal admired. When she was nine years old, Crystal began Hebrew school and…

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Phoenix First Fruits
Author: Bruce Rapp

During our BYG campaign this past July I heard about Mitch, a Jewish man in Phoenix who had become interested in Jesus. I emailed him during the campaign, told him that my wife Tracy and I would be moving to Phoenix in August and suggested that we get together then and talk about Jesus. He…

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Bits from The Branches

Essen Irina Ryvkina reports, “Natasha had attended a Messianic congregation over a long period of time, though not regularly because she is very ill. After she was recently hospitalized, I decided to visit her with a brother in Christ who lives in her city. Natasha was very glad to see us. She shared her anxieties,…

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A Thanksgiving Connection (And a peek at David Brickner’s Christ in the Feast of Tabernacles book)
October 1, 2006

Thanksgiving is a holiday that even our secular society cannot rob of meaning. The attitude or act of giving thanks pleases God and puts us in a position that is fitting as grateful recipients of His blessing. Last month we mentioned the Feast of Tabernacles and a new book by David Brickner. In that book,…

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