Encouraging Words of Thanks

Jeannine, a Jewish believer from Pasadena, CA says:
I am thankful to Jews for Jesus because they were the first link between me and Jesus. 14 years ago I saw Avi Snyder handing out tracts in Los Angeles (in Westwood) and I, a non-believer, argued with him. God is still using Jews for Jesus in my life today. When I’m feeling down I pray for help from Jesus and a missionary calls and asks me to hand out tracts. I go on a sortie (tract passing expedition) and thank God for answering my prayers and using me to reach others who sometimes react the way I first did.”

Angie, also from Los Angeles, comments: “I’m thankful to Jews for Jesus for the resources that are available to the non-Jewish believer in order to help me witness. I’ve used the tape series ‘How to Witness’ and I’ve loaned unsaved Jewish friends and clients books about Yeshua. All of their [Jews for Jesus’] witnessing tools have given me insight that I, as a Gentile, never would have had.” (Angie is a hair stylist with many Jewish clients She volunteers at our L.A. office.)

In Israel, two believers, Moshe and Anna are thankful that they had the opportunity to be a part of our Summer Witnessing Campaign in New York City. Moshe says,
“It was an occasion for me to grow in my faith and to witness to many.” Anna adds, “The campaign helped me to trust the Lord in a deeper way.”

Dewaine, a Jewish man presently serving a prison sentence for stealing a city bus in Baltimore, says:
“I’m thankful to Peter Rice and Lynn Wein for coming to see me. I don’t really have anyone else who visits me. My wife left me not long after my arrest. Peter showed me how I could have eternal life with Jesus, and I’ve never been more happy. I feel like I’ve got a new life to live for God, and I love waking up each day to read the Bible. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I know where I’m going to spend eternity.”

In San Francisco, Danny, who came to faith last fall through our ministry, says he is thankful for Jews for Jesus because:
“Finding Jesus has made me become more Jewish…I understand my Jewish identity more…they are family to me…I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

In the Chicago area, Thommy says,
“I’m thankful for the way Jews for Jesus does outreach at the various festivals and events that take place in Chicago. They could be enjoying themselves by attending those events for fun, but instead they’re out there doing evangelism.”

Joel, a new Jewish believer in Chicago, says,
“I’m thankful for the quality discipleship program Jews for Jesus is providing. It’s giving me a firm foundation in the Word. I’m able to read and apply the truths of Scripture better as a result of this ministry, and I’m coming to understand the relationship between the Old and New Covenants.”

Shari of Reston, VA says:
“I’m thankful for Jews for Jesus because they were able to answer all my questions and address all my concerns, which in turn led me to the Lord. If they didn’t exist, my search for God would still be ongoing.”

In Buenos Aires, Argentina a Jewish woman named Beatrice who is still considering whether to believe in Jesus says:
“I am thankful for Jews for Jesus because it was through them that I first heard the Word of God, which I had never heard before.”

A Jewish believer named Elena, also from Buenos Aires, says:
“I am thankful for Jews for Jesus because, since I met Yeshua through Jews for Jesus, my life changed. I am ‘back to the living ones.'”

In Johannesburg, South Africa, a Jewish believer named Clint explains: “I’m thankful for Jews for Jesus because if it were not for the time taken to pray and minister the word of our Lord, I dare say that instead of serving the Lord today, I would be ‘serving time!'”


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