A Tale of Two Joshuas

Josh Sofaer had a few weeks to work on Campaign follow-up in New York City before he and his wife, Annette, moved to our Los Angeles branch. Joshua says, After the Campaign it is always a challenge to meet who is hot, and prepare for who is not. Probably the most amazing follow-up conversation I had was with a young man [also] named Joshua. He had called the office requesting information about messianic prophecies. He is only 16, so when I called, I explained that I needed to speak with his mother. His family is Hasidic (ultra Orthodox sect of Judaism), so you can imagine the reaction.” The entire family was on the speakerphone. In between their shouting at our Joshua, he was able to ask some thought-provoking questions. The entire time, the other Joshua could be heard in the background, pleading with his family to let him speak. We cannot follow-up on Joshua at this time, due to his age and lack of parental consent. Please pray for him, that God will continue speaking to him and that he will continue to seek the truth about Yeshua.

Ultra Orthodox Jew Challenged by Poster

Also in New York, missionary Lev Leigh met Jacob, a Hasid who says that for a long time, he has not been able to identify with the Hasidic lifestyle. One day Jacob was walking through the subways feeling disillusioned, and he saw a “Jews for Jesus: Why Not?” poster (which was part of our Summer Campaign outreach). Jacob thought to himself “Maybe this is it …” He called our special hot-line, Lev returned his call and they visited. Lev believes that Jacob is open to Jesus being the Messiah. Please pray that Jacob will pray to receive the Lord and that God will give him grace to deal with all that would imply, for he would be a total outcast and would have to leave his community.

A Very “Practical” Joke

From Moscow, volunteer Irina says, “Dear brothers and sisters! I want to tell you how the Lord kept me from being arrested while I was broadsiding.” It seems a policeman tried to drive Irina away from the street corner, and when she protested that she was doing nothing wrong, he demanded that she come with him to the police station. At that moment a middle-aged woman and her daughter approached the policeman, laughing, as the woman said: “I say young man, where could I get such handcuffs? I’d like to give a pair to my daughter as a birthday present.” Irina looked on with amusement, but while the policeman was answering, she realized that she could get safely away from him— which she did!

Some time later the mother and daughter overtook Irina. The mother put her arm around Irina’s waist and asked sympathetically why the policeman had been threatening her. Irina says, “Then I understood that they had played a joke on the policeman in order to help me. I laughed and thanked them—and then I thanked my Lord for delivering me.”

Why We Keep Handing Out Tracts

In Washington, D.C., Chief of Station Bob Mendelsohn was handing out tracts when he met a thirty-something Reform (liberal) Jew named Martin. He seemed open yet would only give his work number. A few days later Bob called Martin’s office and invited him to meet that very night. Sure enough, Martin came by the office and, praise the Lord, he gave his life to Jesus! He has many fears about his family’s reaction—which is why he gave his work number—so please pray for grace and strength for Martin.

From Blasphemy to Beauty

In London, a Jewish man named Daniel came into our shop and admitted that he had driven past our brightly painted Jews for Jesus sign many times, thinking, “What blasphemy.” Now, he sees it and thinks, “How beautiful!” What made the difference? Daniel began reading the Bible, and at the same time, a Christian friend began sharing her faith with him. Daniel began to realize that Jesus was the Messiah and came to us with some questions. After Chief of Station Richard Harvey answered his questions and explained how to know God personally, Daniel prayed to give his heart to Yeshua. Do remember Daniel in prayer as he shares his new faith with friends and family.

Wandering Jews for Jesus

In Toronto missionaries Marcello Araujo and Stan Meyer (acting Chief of Station while Karol Joseph was on study leave in Pasadena) broadsided “free day” at the Canadian National Exhibition. There were rivers of people, and they distributed 4,500 tracts within two hours but had no contacts! (Contacts, meaning people who are willing to give their names, addresses and phone numbers, receive further information.) So, they took advantage of the free day to wander through the CNE. As they wandered, people took note of the Jews for Jesus T-shirts, and Marcello and Stan got seven contacts. God is faithful!