Our Campaign 1990 Roster


Cheryl Cohn—Campaigner

Cheryl is a junior and English major at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. She has been a believer since January of 1988, and she sings with our Chicago music team.

Dorothy Cook—Steward

Dorothy is from Glen Burnie, Maryland. She is a Braille transcriber, a teacher of art and English, and very active in her church and its various outreach programs. She used to be a freelance correspondent and photographer with the Maryland Gazette.

Allen Dembrow—Steward and Assistant Chef

Allen is from Silver Spring, Maryland and is a store worker at the Bethesda Navy Hospital Exchange. He helped our chef, Mitch Forman, prepare the food for our campaigners.

Mitch Forman—Steward and Head Chef

Mitch is a professional chef at a San Francisco restaurant. He has been a believer for two years, and for a year and a half of that time he has been an avid volunteer with Jews for Jesus.

Ronald Goldberg—Campaigner

Ron is a youth pastor and a campus outreach director with the Shema Yisrael Ministries in Rochester, New York.


Doron is one of our Israeli campaigners. He is in training for all phases of dental technology. He became a believer in 1988 and had to leave two jobs because of his faith. For his protection when he returns to Israel, we will not publish his last name.


Rachel is also from Israel. She is currently enrolled in Bible school. Her first language is Rumanian, but she is fluent in Hebrew as well. As with Doron, for her protection we will not disclose her last name.

Barbara Hulse—Steward

Barbara is a senior at San Jose State University in California. She is pursuing a major in Spanish and a minor in East Asian studies. She feels that she has the gifts of encouragement, administration and mercy, and she thought the Campaign would help her determine her area of ministry and encourage her dependence on God.

Stephan Landau—Campaigner

Stephan is from Gaithersburg, Maryland. He has a degree in computer science and is working toward his Masters degree. He has been a believer since 1979 and is active in reaching out to his community through radio and broadsiding. Currently he is a senior associate programmer at IBM, in charge of technical leadership related to air traffic control display.


Gideon is another Israeli whose last name we prefer not to publish. He lives in Toronto at present and participated in our Toronto Witnessing Campaign last year.

Rachel Links—Campaigner

Rachel is attending the Central University of Iowa with a major in elementary/special education. She enjoys working with InterVarsity and is also active in a pro-life group on campus. Rachel has a heritage of Jewish evangelism. Her father is director of the Beth Messiah ministry in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Rachel became a believer when she was only five years old.

Aileen Llewellyn—Steward

Aileen has taught physical education (kindergarten-5th grade) for the Iowa Falls Community Schools since 1969. She has a burden for the lost and wants to build her witnessing skills so that she can witness to anyone, anywhere, anytime and feel comfortable an,d excited while doing it.”

Trent Perkins—Steward

Trent became a Christian at the tender age of five. Since then he has been active in serving his church, the First Baptist Church of Amery, Wisconsin.

Jennifer Shapiro—Campaigner

Jennifer says she came to faith when she was three years old! She currently attends Kehilat Yeshua, a messianic congregation in New York City, and is an active member of their worship committee, sacred dance group and choir.

Dorothy Thompson—Steward

Dorothy has been a friend and generous supporter of Jews for Jesus since 1986. She founded the Cono Christian School in Walker, Iowa, and began teaching there in 1964. Though she is no longer teaching, she is still going strong using her domestic skills to serve in various capacities. She sought the position of Campaign steward because she said the Lord has gifted her with “laundry and household abilities.”

John Vander Sluis—Steward

John attends the Ontario Bible College with a major in missions. He feels that God has put a desire within him for ministry among Jewish people.

Staff On Campaign

Steve —New York branch, candidate

Mimi Bernstein—Chicago branch, candidate

Michael Butchin—New York branch, candidate

Sharon Freeman—Chicago branch, candidate

Efraim Goldstein—New York branch, missionary

Karol Joseph—New York branch, candidate

Mark Landrum—Chicago branch, missionary

Lois Link—Secretary at our San Francisco headquarters

David Mishkin—San Francisco branch, missionary

Lisa Opton—Washington, D.C. branch, missionary

Peter Parkas—San Francisco branch, missionary

David “Abe” Riggan—San Francisco headquarters

Tuvya Zaretsky—Associate Executive Director, San Francisco


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Connect with Jews for Jesus. No matter where you are on the journey of life, whether you’re Jewish or non-Jewish, a believer in Jesus or not – we want to hear from you. Chat with someone online or connect via our contact page below.  
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