Along with tract distribution, another of our major sources for contacting Jewish people comes from concerned Christians who send us the names and addresses of their Jewish friends. Approximately one in every 20 Jewish persons we contact this way is open to consider the claims of Jesus.

Bill” (not his real name) was one of those contacts who was willing to receive more information about Yeshua when I called. Bill told me he was at a low spot in his life. Due to his unfaithfulness, his wife had just left him. I gave Bill my telephone number and told him that I would send him some literature about what we believe.

A few days later, I received a phone call from Bill’s wife, “Fran.” She had returned to their home to get some of her things, and had noticed my name and telephone number on her husband’s coffee table. She called me to find out what Jews for Jesus was, and she was excited to learn that I was ministering to her husband. She was hoping that somehow he would change and they would be reconciled.

In the course of our brief conversation, I ascertained that although Fran was attending church regularly she did not have a personal relationship with Yeshua and had no assurance of salvation. I explained the gospel to her, and she understood it. She wanted to pray with me over the phone to receive God’s salvation and to have the Messiah come into her heart. I helped her make the commitment and told her to keep praying for Bill. I promised that I also would continue to pray for him. Praising God for his wondrous ways, I had no idea of what was yet ahead.

After a few weeks, I called Fran to see how she was doing. She said that she was fine, but she was giving up hope on Bill. After another week, she finally considered it a lost cause and tried her best to forget about him.

In the meantime, I had been trying to contact Bill to see what he thought of the material I had sent him. It was two more weeks before I could get through to him, but his first words to me both delighted and surprised me. “We need to talk!” he said.

Bill began by telling me that he now realized his lifestyle was wrong, he had hurt his wife, and he wanted her back. He didn’t know what to do. I told him about God’s love and power and explained the gospel to him. He said it sounded good, but he was still a bit confused about what it all meant. We made plans to meet the next day.

When we met, I explained the gospel again. I used diagrams and had Bill read some of the Scriptures for himself. This time Bill understood what God wanted to do for him. Though he could not comprehend what specific plans God had for his life, he wanted to follow the Lord instead of his own path from that day on. Bill prayed with me to receive the Lord and then told me again of his great desire to have his wife back. We prayed about it, and set up a meeting for the next week.

I have been meeting with “Bill and Fran” and they are both growing in the Lord and in their relationship with one another. I praise God, the mender of broken hearts, broken souls and broken homes, for the way he works!


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