Dear Moishe:

As I was driving in my car this afternoon, I heard a radio disc jockey mention fan letters. Immediately I decided to write my first fan letter” to the Liberated Wailing Wall.

A few years ago I read the New Testament for the first time in my life. (Being Jewish, you don’t usually have one just lying around.) I was very dissatisfied, unfulfilled, etc.—you know the story. What I read in these new Scriptures made a lot of sense to me, and I remember thinking, “Even if this Jesus isn’t the Messiah, what he says makes a lot of sense. I’d really like to live my life the way he teaches.”

But I had a big problem. How could I believe in Jesus as the Messiah and still be Jewish? Sure I was unhappy, but I was still a Jew! You don’t just throw that away like an old shmatte (rag).

At the time, I had just begun attending a Baptist church with my husband, Gary. The pastor mentioned to me that the Liberated Wailing Wall, a group of Jewish people who believed in Jesus, was coming to our town, and that I might want to go and see them. So l prayed about it, and I went.

Talk about the Lord giving signs! I got so many that night I’d have to be crazy to deny them.

First of all, the wonderful music that sounded so familiar. But then it really got specific. During the skit song “Tradition” the business that was mentioned was “Moskowitz & Son. “My mother’s maiden name was Moskowitz. [The singer] spoke of his little sister Sheila (who would be Sheila Moskowitz). My cousin with whom I grew up next door was Sheila Moskowitz! My question was asked and answered in that skit: “How can I believe in this and still remain a Jew?” That was it. No more denying it! I was in tears. I knew Jesus was the Messiah, and I wanted to give my life to him right then and there. But there was one more sign the Lord had waiting for me to show me right then and there that I was doing the right thing.

I walked up to a young Jewish believer from this wonderful group and told her that I was ready [to make a commitment to Jesus]. She took me in another room away from all the commotion of people leaving, and she prayed with me as I accepted Yeshua as my Savior and Lord. Her name was Zhava Glaser. I tell you her name because her name was my final sign. You see, my maiden name was Glazer—spelled differently, but pronounced the same.

Thank you, Zhava; thank you, Liberated Wailing Wall; and most of all, thank you, Lord.

Love in Yeshua,

Phyllis Muthig

P. S. I’ll be there when the Liberated Wailing Wall visits. It will make that night 3-1/2 years ago seem like yesterday.