Two Conversations in San Francisco

Two Conversations in San Francisco

David Randle reports, “Our San Francisco branch has begun leading a Torah study that meets bi-weekly. My intern, Zach, is responsible for presenting the weekly parsha (Scripture portion according to the Jewish calendar) and creating a discussion around it. One young Jewish man, Josh, has been coming to our Shabbat dinners for many months now, but has yet to express much interest in having spiritual conversations. So we were pleasantly surprised when he immediately RSVPd for the Torah study. He had a lot of great, heartfelt insights and now seems to be someone who is engaged with the idea of faith. Please keep Josh in your prayers as he continues to attend, and pray that we receive discernment about how best to minister to him.

“My wife Arielle and I attended a Shabbat dinner at a Jewish organization where we met Greg, who claims to be a believer. While we realized he doesn’t believe in a New Testament kind of way (he is deeply into mysticism, Kabbalah, and ‘basic spirituality’) he has rubbed shoulders with Jewish believers in the past. Please pray that he begins coming to our Shabbat dinners so we can connect him with a missionary and explain the gospel to him fully.

“It’s been good to balance inviting people from the Jewish community to our events, while also attending events sponsored by a couple of local Jewish organizations. Please pray that we can plan and host a combined event with one of these organizations as a way to discuss our beliefs together.”

Names are changed to protect privacy.


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