We wanted to take a moment to thank those missions-minded moms of grown children. Thank you for helping your sons and daughters to understand the importance of evangelism, and particularly Jewish evangelism. So often, our friends begin letters to us with words like, “My mother always taught me to love the Jewish people, and she felt very strongly about supporting ministries that bring the gospel to them.” May God bless all of you who have planted and nurtured an awareness and appreciation of Jewish missions in your childrens’ hearts and minds.

We also wanted to ask some of you who are still raising your kids to remember that you have a huge role to play in the ongoing work of Jews for Jesus and other ministries that do direct evangelism. Today’s culture is increasingly opposed to seeing people share their beliefs in Jesus openly. How your children see the role of missions and missionaries might not be apparent for several years… but your influence now can make a huge difference.

Each month in our prayer prompters we ask you to pray for God’s blessing for the next generation of Jews for Jesus. With God’s help and if Jesus has not yet returned, fifteen years from now we will still have energetic, creative Jewish missionaries continuing to make the Messiah known. This month we also ask prayer for all the moms (and dads) who care about Jewish evangelism, that they might pass on that passion to the next generation. That way, future Jews for Jesus will have the same caliber of wonderful friends to pray for and support them as we have been blessed to have since 1973.