Back in July, 2005, we reported* that the window of our Sydney storefront was shattered in an act of vandalism. While this kind of attention is never welcome or sought, God can still use it to His glory. As a result of the vandalism, two newspaper articles and one national television spot made the public aware of the existence of Jews who stand for Jesus. Several unbelieving Jewish people dropped by the storefront as a result of this coverage.

Nearly four years later another such incident occurred. Branch leader Bob Mendelsohn reports, The Jewish news recently reported on two Jewish teenagers who vandalized our office. The 19 year olds, one of whom stood trial, came into the shop and made amends. They appeared contrite and paid for the damages.” Pray for these young men to reflect on the kindness they received in response to their apologies, and that God will enable them to discover His love and mercy, through Jesus.

*We reported this in our monthly e-publication, RealTime. Click here if you would like to receive RealTime.

Los Angeles

Is Jews for Jesus’ Los Angeles Branch Going to Pot?!

Tuvya Zaretsky reports, “A new Medical Marijuana office, complete with a neon cannabis leaf in the window, has opened next door to the Los Angeles branch office in Westwood. “While Tuvya joked, “That should draw a whole new crowd to see the bookstore resources in our front window.” In fact, if the new office does attract many clients and/or people who are curious about their sign, they might just find their way to the Jews for Jesus center next door.

Cyril Gordon reports, “‘J.L.,’ a new Jewish believer in Jesus from an Orthodox background, shared his story at the Los Angeles branch’s Jewish Men’s BBQ. It was encouraging to hear him tell fifteen other guys how Jesus healed him from drug and sexual addiction. J.L. was first pointed to Jesus by a Gentile Christian client. After two years of wrestling with the Messianic claims of Jesus, he decided to look up Jews for Jesus for answers to his questions. Over a two-year period, three of our staff have ministered to him and finally ‘the veil was lifted.’

“Thanks to the Lord Jesus, J.L. is healed of his addictions. He has recently been baptized, is plugged into a local Bible-believing church, and we are discipling him. Please pray for J.L., who works in an Orthodox Jewish company.”

South Florida

Greg Savitt reports, “More than fourteen volunteers came to help us at the Coconut Grove Art Festival and together we handed out over 13,200 tracts. We were most encouraged by the number of Jewish conversations. Two Jewish people in separate instances told me, ‘Give your best reasons why you believe Jesus is the Messiah.’ I gave them both two reasons: the evidence of the Resurrection and Messianic prophecy. Both of these people promised to read Isaiah 53.”


In last month’s newsletter we had an article titled, “Never Too Old.” This month, Alison Barnett asks prayer for a 92-year-old Jewish woman she met while making evangelistic phone calls from our contact list. “Millie regularly attends shul (synagogue) and has been enjoying receiving ISSUES* (our print publication for seekers). However, she made a point of telling me, ‘I couldn’t believe in Jesus, though, because I am Jewish. Jews don’t believe in Jesus.’ I replied, ‘Well, I am Jewish and I believe in Jesus. In fact, my husband is also Jewish and he believes in Jesus too. ‘Millie seemed truly surprised. I asked if she would like to meet up and talk more about it and she agreed. Please pray that God opens her heart to the gospel message.”

*If you have a Jewish friend who does not know Jesus, you can use this link to request that we send him or her a free subscription to ISSUES. Include a phone number if you would like us to follow up by phoning to see what your friend thinks about the publication. Unless you indicate otherwise, we will not mention your name as the referrer.