The inspiration for the tract our Israeli staff wrote for Israel’s Independence Day is the International Bible Quiz. The quiz is held annually and takes place the morning after the big Independence Day celebrations. It includes winners of national Bible quiz contests from Jewish youth around the world as well as Israeli contestants.

While the majority of Israeli’s see through somewhat secular eyes, this annual quiz focuses worldwide attention on the connection between Israel and the Bible. The following are excerpts from Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s speech at the International Bible Quiz in 2004. To see the entire speech, you can go to:

“Every year I get inspired anew at the Bible Quiz: dozens of young men and women from around the Jewish world gather in Jerusalem on the State of Israel’s Independence Day, in order to return and connect on this day of all days to the Bible, the birth certificate and identity card of the Jewish people.

“It is no coincidence that Israel is known as the Land of the Bible. Our entire connection and the connection of the Jewish people to this land begins in the verses of the Book of Books.

“. . . I must tell all the participants in the Quiz that the real prize at the Bible Quiz is not the title. The real prize is your association through the Bible with Jewish history, with your fellow people, the Jewish people, and with the State of Israel, the nation of the Jewish people, which today celebrates its independence.”

There will be lots of revelry in celebration of Israel’s 60th birthday which one might compare to the 4th of July in the United States. At the same time, this annual Bible quiz is known throughout the country, and has provided our Israeli staff with a jumping-off point for the gospel.

On page 6, is a translation of the tract the team will be distributing in honor of this event. Bear in mind that it is a translation, and the tract was written in Hebrew for an Israeli readership. Please note that while our purpose is to make the Messiahship of Jesus known to Jewish people worldwide, we are happy to explain the gospel to all who wish to hear. This will also be true with Behold Your God, Israel. We hope that a number of Arab people as well as tourists from various backgrounds will also be hungry to hear more about Jesus, who is not only the Messiah for Jews, but for all who will receive Him.


(This is a translation of a gospel tract we are handing out this month in Israel.)

1. According to prophecies of the Bible, in which city was the Messiah supposed to be born? (Micah 5:1)

  1. Jerusalem
  2. Uman
  3. Lubavitch
  4. Bethlehem

2. According to prophecies of the Bible, when was the Messiah supposed to come? (Daniel 9:26)

  1. in the year 1948
  2. in the year 2000
  3. on Israeli Independence Day
  4. before the destruction of the second Temple

3. According to prophecies of the Bible, how will the Messiah come to the world? (Isaiah 7:14)

  1. by caesarean section
  2. by natural birth
  3. by supernatural birth— from a virgin
  4. on an El Al plane

4. According to prophecies of the Bible, what was the Messiah supposed to do to save us? (Isaiah 53:5-6)

  1. teach the secular how to lay tefillin
  2. give us happiness in our hearts
  3. kill all the Arabs
  4. die as a sacrifice for our sins

5. According to prophecies of the Bible, how was the Messiah supposed to die? (Psalm 22:15- 18; Zechariah 12:10)

  1. a good death [naturally]
  2. by a heart attack
  3. in the electric chair
  4. on a cross

6. According to prophecies of the Bible, will the Messiah rise from the dead? (Psalm 16:10)

  1. yes
  2. no
  3. only if we keep Torah
  4. only if we vote for a certain party

7. According to prophecies of the Bible, will the people of Israel recognize the Messiah and receive him? (Isaiah 53:3)

  1. yes
  2. no
  3. only the Orthodox
  4. only the secular

8. According to prophecies of the Bible, who is the Messiah supposed to save? (Isaiah 49:6)

  1. all the Jews
  2. only Sephardic Jews
  3. only Ashkenazic Jews
  4. Jews and Gentiles



  1. (d) The Messiah must be born in Bethlehem.
  2. (d) The Messiah must have arrived before the destruction of the second Temple.
  3. (c) The Messiah must be born of a virgin.
  4. (d) The Messiah must save us by dying as a sacrifice for our sins.
  5. (d) The Messiah must die on a cross.
  6. (a) The Messiah must rise from the dead.
  7. (b) The Messiah must be rejected by the people of Israel.
  8. (d) The Messiah must save both Jews and Gentiles. If you answered all the questions correctly (or not) you can win a giant prize! But before that, you have to answer the question that is the answer to all of them: Who, in your opinion, is the Messiah promised in the Bible?
    • Y’shua (the same one that the rabbis call Yeshu)
    • the rabbi from Lubavitch
    • Buddha
    • Rabbi Nachman of Uman

If your answer was Y’shua, you won!!! God sent His Son Y’shua to die as a sacrifice for your sins and to rise from the dead to grant you forgiveness of sin and everlasting life!

In the entire world you won’t find a huger prize than this.