The Landrums have landed…in Sydney, Australia! Mark and Rahel Landrum, formerly in our London branch, have now joined the Sydney team. Rahel reports, On my first Aussie sortie (tract-passing expedition) since we moved here I met Shalom, an Israeli. When I offered him a New Testament in Hebrew, his eyes lit up and he said, ‘Yeah, I’d like one in Hebrew!’ So we’ll be in touch and he might even come to our messianic congregation. Please pray for Shalom.”

Bob Mendelsohn reports, “Bernard is a 40-year-old Jewish man who I first met in 1996. He, his wife and their children live about an hour outside of Sydney. The children attend an Anglican school where the issue of Jesus keeps coming up. As a result, Bernard found my web site and we reconnected during the BYG campaign. I met with him the next week and learned that for him, the stumbling block is the deity of Christ. Bernard is now on our Jews for Jesus Australia e-discussion group and is really working on the issue. As we continue to meet together weekly to study the Bible, pray that his eyes will be opened to the truth.”


Thank God for caller ID! Chad Elliott reports, “While making evangelistic phone calls, I mis-dialed and reached a wrong number. However, it turned out that it wasn’t such a wrong number. Sarah saw ‘Jews for Jesus’ on her caller ID and told me that she had seen a lot about us in the press (during our West Palm Beach BYG campaign). She then asked me to explain why I believed what I believed, and I shared the gospel with her. Please pray for this gospel seed to grow!”

Greg Savitt reports, “The Apostle Paul observed in 1 Corinthians 3:6, ‘I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow.’ That verse came to mind at a local Liberated Wailing Wall concert when I spoke with a Gentile believer named Sally. Sally knew Lloyd, a Jewish man I remember meeting over three years ago. We read from Isaiah 53. Lloyd seemed to want to know more, but when I called him the next week, his phone was disconnected, and he had suddenly moved away with no forwarding address or number. I checked for his address on the internet from time to time but to no avail. So you can imagine how I rejoiced when Sally told me that Lloyd is now a believer in Jesus! What an encouragement to know that I had planted a seed, and someone else had watered, but God brought the increase. I am excited to reunite with Lloyd who moved only about 45 minutes away. I hope to start discipleship studies with him.”

The Liberated Wailing Wall

Amy Etinger reports, “While handing out tracts at the University of South Florida in Tampa, I was approached by two girls. One was a Jewish girl named Danielle and the other was a Gentile named Jaime. They had just been reading a Bible from the Gideons, who were also on campus. They were concerned that they weren’t living as they should be and that, as they put it, ‘We’re all slowly dying.’ After some discussion, they both prayed to receive Jesus. Please pray that this was genuine and that Danielle and her friend Jaime will grow in the Lord and get plugged into fellowship with other believers.”


Mira Gracheva reports, “We were on a sortie at Taganka during our Volunteer Friday. Previously we had tried handing out tracts there and were driven away. This time we stayed. During the first 40 minutes no one wanted to talk or hear more about Jesus. Well, 500 broadsides easily ‘flew away’ and finally 70- year-old Tamara (not Jewish) stopped with her two big shopping bags. We talked and she repented then and there…and was delighted to have met a Jewish person talking about God right in the subway! Then the heavens opened and a Jewish man, Gregory, and his wife, Irina (also Jewish), both repented—this does not often happen in Moscow. Then Raisa, also Jewish, prayed to receive Jesus, then Larissa, who is not Jewish but has a Jewish husband also prayed. And finally, three more Jewish people gave their names and addresses to receive more information. The sortie was over, with 1,000 broadsides distributed, three Jews and two Gentiles who prayed to receive the Lord, as well as three Jewish people willing to hear more. This is impossible at Taganka in Moscow! But nothing is impossible for God!”