May 2003 Newsletter (5763:9)

Righteous Risk-Taking
May 1, 2003

For months the news has been filled with stories of young military men and women heading off to the Persian Gulf. While spouses and children sadly look on, soldiers with grave expressions board boats or planes headed for danger. Why? Why are they willing to endure hardship, be separated from their families for long periods…

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The BYG Pic

We’ve been cautiously reporting to you about the BYG outreach in Uzbekistan, and have asked you to pray for the courageous brothers and sisters who stood with us and for the follow-up. We thought you would be encouraged to hear a report from one of the Jewish believing brothers there: As soon as the campaign…

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Our South Florida Branch

Approximately 664,000 Jewish people reside in South Florida, which includes Palm Beach (225,000 Jewish people), Broward County (305,000 Jewish people) and Miami-Dade County (134,000 yearround Jewish residents). The population fluctuates as snow birds” come down for the winter. They begin arriving after Thanksgiving and the region hits the height of activity in March. After Easter…

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A Bit from the Florida Branch

It was the day of a big outreach at the Coconut Grove Art Festival in Miami, an event that hundreds of thousands of people attend from all over the USA. It sure seemed Satan didn’t want me to bring my team of volunteers to the event. First, we were very delayed waiting for one of…

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Like Son, Like Father
Author: Greg Savitt

I can still remember how proud my parents were when I was bar mitzvah. The event was a huge deal in my family, with the reception rivaling that of a wedding. I can still remember my father at the reception, working the crowd, so elated and proud. I am sure on that day they could…

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From the Mailbag

Dear Jews for Jesus, Enclosed is an account of how I first met Greg Savitt [pictured to the left]. Perhaps it will encourage your readers as they share their faith with Jewish and Gentile neighbors. Sincerely in Christ, Paul Paurus Pastor I KNOW THAT GUY!!! I almost said that out loud while reading an article…

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