From New York*, Shlomy Abramov reports a lost and found story: I always worried that when I had to find my way on my own in New York, I would get lost. And it finally happened. I had a visit scheduled in Brooklyn and took trainee Dan Sered with me to find ‘Dunkin Donuts’ at Kings Highway. We were supposed to meet a new Jewish believer there. We found the place and waited. Time passed and the person we were to visit did not come. Later we learned that in a sense we had gotten lost because there was another ‘Dunkin Donuts’ and our contact was waiting there for us. But in the course of waiting, we started a conversation with a nice man in his fifties. We found out that he is Jewish, originally from Syria, and he came to New York from Israel, my native country. At the end of our conversation, Moshe gave his heart to Yeshua. It seems we got lost so that Moshe could be found. God’s ways are perfect!” (*By the time you read this, Shlomy and his wife, Miriam, will be back in Israel.)

Outreach worker Maxim Ammosov reports from Moscow, “Zhanna is a Jewish woman who received one of our broadsides during the 1998 Moscow Summer Witnessing Campaign. We spoke on the telephone several times and I even visited her once, but did not feel it was a fruitful visit. She seemed to be an atheist who was simply curious about us. I had not been in contact with her for a year, but she received an invitation to one of our meetings and came. Praise the Lord, for Zhanna not only came to the meeting, but she came to faith in Jesus!” [Ed: Your prayers for our campaign contacts do make a difference!]

Teresa Sischy works with us part-time and is an integral part of our Johannesburg branch, having taken our missionary training along with her husband, Michael. She reports, “In 1995, while working as a nurse, I became friends with a Jewish woman named Sylvia. I often spoke to her about God and why I believe that Jesus is the Messiah of Israel, but she was not interested. After I left to have my baby, I saw Sylvia occasionally. Recently, one of her Christian friends convinced her to come to our local Messianic Congregation. Subsequently, Sylvia has let me visit with her in my Jews for Jesus capacity and is willing to begin Bible studies with me. I praise God that, after all these years, she has become more open. Please pray that Sylvia will come to know Yeshua.”

Missionary Rob Wertheim reports from Orange County, “Over four years ago, I tried to contact a Jewish man named Mike. At the time, I spoke to his wife, Victoria. She didn’t know anything about Jews for Jesus and preferred we not be in touch with her husband, whom she said would not be open anyway. Early in 1999, a conference speaker suggested to Victoria that she call us to help witness to her husband. She called, apologized for her attitude years earlier and put me in contact with Mike, who was open to getting together. We’ve been meeting over a period of months. A few days after a recent visit, Mike called and left a message on my answering machine telling me that he had committed his life to the Lord! We have begun discipleship lessons and Mike is doing great. Please remember him in your prayers.”

Missionary Robyn Wilk reports from San Francisco, “I have been visiting a Jewish woman named Judy on and off for three years. Each time we met, she would tell me that Jesus couldn’t be God. We went through portions of the Gospel of John and then I decided to take her through our pamphlet, ‘Yeshua, Let’s Clear Things Up’ by Susan Perlman. We had only just begun when she asked me if I would leave the booklet with her. When I returned the next week, Judy began telling me what was in the booklet. After we discussed a page or so, I asked her who she thought Jesus was. She said, ‘God.’ Wow! What a switch! I explained, once again, what it means to give one’s life to God and asked her if she wanted to do that. This time she said yes. So, I had the privilege of praying with her to accept Jesus. Please pray for Judy to grow in her understanding of what God has done for her.”